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Lip Service is a group that doesn't get enough love, but they deserve it.

Their song "Too Fancy" is basically the anthem to my life:

"My hands are just shaking, my wallet is empty all at once"

"I wanna eat out but it’s expensive,

I wanna watch a movie but it’s expensive"

"When I go out, it’s all so expensive, whatever I do, it’s all so expensive"

"I don’t have enough money

It’s too expensive, please give me a discount"

Holler to all my fan girls and boys with no $$$!

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Omg so true 😭
2 years ago·Reply
Yass!! Where have they been all my life?!
2 years ago·Reply
24/7 Broke AF
2 years ago·Reply
Me and my friend are planning to go to Korea during tax season. Whos in??
2 years ago·Reply
Lip Service really is underrated! lol The struggle of a kpop fan is REAAAL~!!! xD
2 years ago·Reply