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@virginvingler made a pretty hilarious card earlier today of all the different road signs that are definitely worth a brow-raise. This made me think of all the strange road signs in Southern California that have become something of a major part of the local culture!
Pretty much all of these signs can be seen today, so if you're interested in hunting these down yourself, you can definitely come visit California and find them yourselves!

Zzyzx Road

Location: Mojave Desert, Interstate 15
According to Wikipedia (yes, it has its own Wiki page): "The made-up name Zzyzx was given to the area in 1944 by Curtis Howe Springer, claiming it to be the last word in the English language." Anyone want to guess how it's pronounced?

Weed, California

Location: Siskiyou County
When you run a town with a name like 'Weed', you've got to have a sense of humor. Needless to say, the city limit sign is the biggest dad joke ever: "Weed Like To Welcome You". Stoners LOVE passing through. Not really sure why.

Immigrant Crossing

Location: San Ysidro Border Crossing, Interstate 5
Yes, in San Diego, you'll occasionally see a sign warning you that illegal immigrants may be trying to flee across the freeway nearby the county's borders. This sign is so random that people outside of the state usually think it's Photoshopped.

"Cross The Street, Then Update Facebook."

Location: CSU East Bay campus, Hayward
When this sign was posted outside CSU East Bay, its snark created something of a media frenzy. Local public info officer Frank Holland (aka the guy who made it) used to work in marketing.
He also created the following:
"35 - It's a speed limit, not a suggestion."
"Downhill: Use eyes, brakes, brain."
It seems one does not simply turn that off.

Surfer Crossing

Location: Pretty much any and all beach towns
Live along the Southern California coastline? Chances are you've seen this sign quite a few times in a few different variations. It's become so synonymous with California life that you can also find them sold at various souvenir shops!
I hope you guys got a good laugh at all the strange signs we've got around here. Do you have any weird road signs in your community? Let me know about them belowwww.
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good afternoon to you as well @virginvingler :)
Being from the East Coast, moving to CA was a real eye opener. you do see some crazy stuff out here but I love it.