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so i been see alot of these and i really wanted to do one and @StephanieDuong tagged me and i was like 'juss' hahaha xD Credits to owner of this challenge: @amobigbang WARING: might go deep into detail which will make it sound like a story.........will use my real name
okay so first you probably know me already and mostly everyone(or everyone) know who my ultimate bias is and if you still dont know its.......*drum roll*
ITS KIM, TAEHYUNG *does a turn then the peace sign ✌* V. what i love about V -his personalitly -how hes so loveable and caring (loves his family, what he does, loves his friend) -his randomness -his smile (box smile) -his laugh -how he has a big heart (i think this like the second reason idk) -how he acts like a little kid ~~~~~ i would keep going but ill have a long list....so ill stop there hehe ill just say i love everything
so here the picture...edit thing......i dont know if its good but awwwahhh i like it hahaha :[]
so lets begin.... ~dating game scenario starts~ Taehyung text: hey im at our secret place :) i text back: oh ok ill be right there ^u^ ~i keep texting him till i get here~ the i see him from afar sitting on a bench and i go suprise him Me: *covers his eyes with my hands from the back* guess who?? Taehyung: *grabs my hands* Stephanie Me: *lets go* heheh yes he turns around and smiles then gives me a hug Teahyung: Ready? Me: Yeah *smiles super big* We go hand in hand and he takes me where our date will begin
(INFO) so for this date i will wear something casual like this but instead of heels ill use my convers.....yes so awesome <3 i love my convers
(INFO) so our date will be at the simple picnic at an empty park by the lake with lots of games.......ahhh i love this already
(Back to Scenario) Taehyung: Surprise!! Me: *see the little picnic so organized and very organized* Woah....its so pretty Taehyung: thank you *sits on the blancket and pats the empty stop next to him* wait till you see what happens later *smiles* Me: hahah woah.....now im excited and scared whats gonna happen later?? *confused and sits next to him* Taehyung: you'll find out when it happens *smirks* Me: can i guess?? Taehyng: Sure but im not telling you *sticks out tongue* hahaha Me: Fine *playfull punches him in the arm* hahah Taehyung: hahaha *blushes* your so cute Me: *blushes* hahah thank you so are you.....now let eat Taehyung: *blushes and does his box smile* haha okay
as we are eating we are just laughing talking about stuff making jokes just hangout Me: oppa, can you you pass me a drink *points at the last juice box* Taehyung: ummmmm *get water* this one Me: no the juice box *points again* Taehyung: oh okay *grabs it and is about to hand it to me but tricks me and smirks* ill give to you if you can beat me at a game Me: what game??? *confised* Taehyung: *pokes me* tag your it.....catch me of you can *get up and stars running* Me: hey wait hahaha *tries to catch him but cant* ~we ran around for a while~ Me: hold on your to fast i cant *sits in the floor and tries to catch my breath* hahahah Taehyung: dont you want your juice Me: yes but....im out of shape hahaha Taehyung: hahahaha here *comes and gives me the juice then sits next to me*
Me: Thank you *smiles, opens the juice i lay my head on his sholder* Taehyung: *puts his arm around me* hahaha Me: this has been fun so far im enjoying my self *looks at him and smiles* Taehyung: same here *looks back at me and smiles* we start looking at the clouds and start comparing the clouds to random things, he saw a dog, a lion, and a little kid holding a ball. while, i saw a flower, a pokemon (he might of laughed at me for that) and a car.
we start geting our energy back and begin playing hide and seek, we play on the swings, and how knows how many time we went on the slide. we then saw something move by the bushes it kind scared me thinking it was a snake, so taehyung went to check and it was a squirrel scared for nothing, but we both got a good laugh. We chased some ducks, some squirrels and, we just kept fooling around and when we would play tag again everytime he caught me he would hug me and twirl me around a bit.....it was sweet but some times he used it so wouldnt be able to catch him....sneeky V hahhaa
it was getting late so we layed down and enjoyed the breeze a while and just looked up at the stars. we made storys with the stars and just enjoyed the time we had together. Taehyung: *checks time and notice its 9:20 get up and tells me* hey its already geting really late are you parents gonna be mad. Me: well not really, but i feel like they might but i dont really know let me ask *i ask and i get a text from my dad saying i want you home at 9:35 and i show Taehyung* Taehyung: if you want we could leave now?? Me: but i dont want to leave i want to stay with you *pouts* Taehyung: but i dont want you to get introble beacuse of me *pouts also* Me: Fine *squishes his cheeks* just cause your adorable
we both stand up and start walking to the car. Taehyung: wait i forgot the surprise i never got to it *face plamed him self* Me: what surprise???*confused* Taehyung: hold on *looks though each pocket* i found it *hold out a neckles* this for you Me: awww, but you didnt have to Taehyung: but i wanted to *puts it on me* we both turn and have a momment like in the movies then kiss, we both blush. Taehyung: so.....we got to go *still blushing and smiling* Me: yeah dont want to be late *still blushing and smiling also* We get in the car and he drops me off and walks me to the front to the door. Me: Thank you for this awesome day *smiles* Taehyung: You too *smiles* Me: Where we going next?? Taehyung: you'll see *smirks* we hug one last time and i see him walk off,wave at me then gets into his car and drives away ~end of scenario~
(Back to Reality) awww i wish this was real i was so happy making it.......why do you have to be so far way......he doesnt even know i excist or does he from the concert..no there is a million of girls why would he remember me :(
besides the sad realitly this was a really fun game i enjoyed it even if i was hugging my phone and smiling at everything i write........Taehyung ill send you a hug from the other side of the world
anyways thanks for tagging me @StephanieDuong it was really fun doing this love you
i really want to tag all of you guys so you can do it as well and see how fun this is it lets out everything hahaha i love it (you dont have to if you dont want to or if you did it already i would love to see it) @ninachan @Kpopandkimchi @Lydiapark14 @shashae5296 @Animee @StarBabes @StephyBAP @xoxoaudra985 @bts486 @poojas@jiggzy19 @StephanieDuong @KatieWarren @KpopGaby @caitlind9898 @blazinpurplehl @Foxxyjinxx @FrankilliMambo @SaranghaeMariX0 @chelsiec25 @baileykayleen @stevieq @najalong @ErinGregory @netchtiBates @SashaLove @icanteven @heidichiesa @9thMuse @DianaKpop58 @aliciasalinas @zoila205 @AimeeH @AmariAlexander @luotl88 @CrystalBlunt@DianaCastaneda @carolinacastane @YeseniaLira @joykeeem @B2utyrisa @VaneRodriguez @VIPforever123 @kimikodragon @BonnieDomo @SarahHawkins@Ccandela97 @AngelaPearson @Soulsearcher97 @nightshade18 @l3sli3larock3r @jaywoveu @carolinacastane @Suju4evr @kpopis100 @Emealia@ktiffany97 @AraceliJimenez @yessiex3 @SerenaMcG @MorleeCorielus @JosiTorres @frisky199123@AkiraCondry @DulceOjeda @ReddViolet @nykechun @szewwy @MayTaeyang @kpopgirly101 @Monsonna @ParkMeiFan @lianakimura @lamrotamrot @ellenzhao2000@WafflesDrowing @DenieceSuit @nancycappa @Aripendragon @ShadowAnggel87 @kpop14young@ChelseaKing @LmJSuper @deemonster100 @katiewarren @chandnip804 @stevieq @yoaikpopfan32 @Dahliadang @DianaCastaneda @boramjean @AngelLee22 @9thMuse @chelsiec25 @AmberMaze @AngelJoong86 @TatiCee @KpopGaby @supershowolarmy @YeseniaLira @kiarastiger @KDramaKPop1015 @B2utyrisa @sweetkpxp @Taehyvng @SaranghaeMariX0 @DianaKpop58 @DulceFuentes @LmJSuper @blazinpurplehl @MichiGo4L @Drizzly88 @trashlord @taehyung95 @solodaywithB1A4@JukiLove @jenncrystalv @CynthiaGarcia93 @caitlind9898 @AgentLeo @lamrotamrot @ErinGregory @l3sli3larock3r @katiems @deemonster100 @katiewarren @chandnip804 @stevieq @yoaikpopfan32 @Dahliadang @sammha @boramjean @AngelLee22 @9thMuse @chelsiec25 @SidMontgomery @SadiChoi @AliciaOLeary @kfeind7 @arielleg2000 @daydreamer1221 @DaisyMartinez @AmberMaze @AngelJoong86 @TatiCee @KpopGaby @supershowolarmy @PrincessNelson @mayawar @braye97 @estelaevezenee @TamsinSkye @YeseniaLira @mendozaleslie12 @JudithAyala @JukiLove @Valerie816 @Yujinnn06 @airreuhl @MelodyLi @Eesis @ellenzhao2000 @Alejandra94 @kiarastiger @KDramaKPop1015 @SamanthaDuron15 @gijan0298 @B2utyrisa @sweetkpxp @Taehyvng @SaranghaeMariX0 @DianaKpop58 @iGOT7BangtaBoys @DulceFuentes @jongdae @starlightangel3 @veselovskayavic @LmJSuper @Byunniie @EliseSewell @PassTheSuga @OFWGSailorWxlff @seouldreamer391@panouvang123 @VixenViVi @netchtiBates @blazinpurplehl @MichiGo4L @Drizzly88 @trashlord @taehyung95 @solodaywithB1A4 @AgentLeo @CristelaLoz @AnnaNaumova @adorkabledolly @yessiex3 @ErinGregory @PamelaPenaloza @kpoplover14 @kimleekwonshin @sugajin94 @BelencitaGarcia @kyungsooselbow @Alinaxx94 @AkiraCondry @Foxxyjinxx @ygvip21 @liuser5ever @hehemo1 @WonnieLee @Mikim000 @k8wnba20 @samanthaa100 @JazzyPie @srhyne12
hope you enjoyed bye bye love you <3 :[]
@B1A4BTS5ever I just got to reading this and I'm going to do it but just have to figure out which idol I want. 😭😭😭 Why is life so hard??!!!!!
Yayyyyy I love it :() I think mines is going to be long too lol and plus I have a bunch of biases so I think I have to put their names in a hat and pick one out hahaha but I'll do this!! Right when I come back from school
Yours is amazing. I am going to do mine tom!!
@ParkMeiFan hahah okay i cant wIt to see yours
@caitlind9898 thank you :) and i cant wait to read yours
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