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The Korean rice cakes are a type of traditional food made of rice (no shit Sherlock) that people used to enjoy eating, and they still do. The flavour is sweet and fond, and they are bit chewy. A bit like sponge cake if you say so.
This cake is called 'honey rice cake'. They don't have literal honey inside, but we mix sugar and other special ingredients so a sweet nectar pops inside your mouth when you chew it. It is especially popular to kids because of its sweetness.
These are giant rice cakes for special events such as baby's first anniversary or traditional wedding. The writings on second picture says 'congrats, birthday'
These two are 'powdered' rice cake types. The firat one has bean powder coating, and the other one has custard powder to make it more sweet. These types of cake are highly popular to adults or old people. All of rice cake textures are bit different from each other depending how they are cooked and in what fashion they are going to be used as.
I'm not sure if I should upload this here since technically, this is not made from rice, neither it is called rice cake. However, this also gives chewy texture and I don't want to make insividual card for this so what the hell.
Again, feel free to ask me anything.
@jinyoung1900 thank you for letting me know! I will definitely have tea with me! :)
@chandnip804 Yes indeed. But they are more dry than the honey, so be sure to have a tea beside you when you eat it ^^
I have tried the honey rice cakes. They are delicious! However I'm curious about the powdered ones now. Those look yummy as well!
@mistymaity Just googled it for a bit and it looks delicious, especially with coconut filling! I was about to say we don't have anything like that, but in some traditional sweet soup or new year soup, we actuallly add some non-sweet rice cake. Thanks for telling me ^^
@jinyoung1900 We also have something similar to 'Honey Rice Cake' here in Kolkata. It's called 'Puli Pithe'. It has a sweet coconut filling or dried milk filling & is usually made in the winters. And it tastes awesome!!
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