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Some of these are about exo ships (hunham,taoris,kaisoo, ect.)
Some are about individual members (all twelve included!)
Some of them are talking about them.as seperate groups. (Exo-m,Exo-k)
All of the little notes i added are including all the photos from all four sections. ( please enjoy and all credit goes to those who made the pixtures.)
BAHAHA the sehun teaching lay aegyo one CRACKED me up
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@kpopandkimchi when i saw that one i thought that sehun tried to kill all of lays fangirls
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@SierraWilson16 can we be like HanHun ?!?
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hahaha.. this is so funny!! love it!
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♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪ Age don't matter... So me as a 13 year old is fine? (≧∇≦)
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