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November 13 2010   everyone says different thing about me , " your so cute" , " your so pretty" , " your beautiful" ... when honestly I don't feel that way at all... Do you want to know how I see my self ? I see myself as only a pretty face who thinks shes ugly, and doesn't know what her purpose is. and Yes I may smile but inside i'm screaming and hurting . noone knows what goes on in my head, what i think, what i'm capeable of doing. To everyone i'm "cute,and adorable," but they don't see my pain. how jaded and weathered i really am. this is how I feel , this is what i know,             ****Side note****   I wrote this like 3 years ago and this is how I had felt about myself back then... I have more self worth now lol so DON'T WORRY PEOPLE ... I DON'T FEEL THIS WAY ANYMORE  lol