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Check out my cousins YouTube channel she's just beginning help me support her
She is ADORABLE! Love her style! I would wear everything she showed..... Except maybe that Hawaiian/aztec/geometric skirt, but she probably knows how to style it right, so I don't doubt that it's cute on her. Her excitement when she talks about her thrift store find tho is EVERYTHING! People look at me crazy when I get excited about stuff like that lol.... So I'm just going to go ahead and congratulate her on those FABULOUS FINDS! Cuz things like that don't come around very often. Sooooo Props! Thanks for sharing her, I'll add her on IG and FB, but would she consider getting a page on here?
Thanks a lot she's super excited to start her channel. I told her to do a kpop style one. She loves kpop style so we'll see.