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Whenever I have a "Moment of Weakness" please don't Judge Me, and Not only because I say that "I am only human" , now I know thats the most common excuse people use .. but it is true , now I am NOT  claiming to be perfect nor am I claiming that I live a "perfect" life ,Trust me I don't ..even being a "PGK" (aka Pastor's Grandkid) .All I am simply asking is for understanding and Love whenever I do falter and fall ... not everyone kows my past or everything I've been through .. and not everyone NEEDS to know , just know that my past does not define who I am today , because who I am today is evidence of what God has and what he IS  doing in My life . So again I ask Whenever I do have a "Moment of Weakness" please just pray for me , encourage me , love me , and please don't put me down . Trust me I've had enough of that in My life to last me a lifetime . Now some will ask why I wrote this , but the real reason is like I almost always say , I am a very poetic person and I have my times where I just write what comes to mind and thus the reason I wrote this "note " ,It was on my mind  and I decided to share it .     Thanks for reading this everyone ... with love  Vanessa Sherrelle Robertson