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Where Are My Sunggyu Fans?!
Sunggyu is not only an amazing leader of Infinite, but h's an incredible vocalist all on his own!
His first solo album didn't get much recognition, especially not in Korea, and that was very discouraging for him as an artist. What I don't get is, WHY DIDN'T PEOPLE LOVE IT?

He had the vocal range, styling, and musical talent of Nell, and each song was gorgeous in and of itself. The record as a WHOLE!? Perfection.

This was his first single, 60 Seconds, that absolutely blew me away.

His second album got more love, and was just as beautiful as the first.

There are people that think this song and video were dedicated to an Infinite fan that was lost in the Sewol Ferry disaster - making it all the more emotional to watch.

Basically, he's a super talented, super awesome guy and you should all give his solo work a listen because it is some of my favorite songs to come out of Kpop, ever.


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@adikiller I love his eyes too!! His stares are always so intense. xD
2 years ago·Reply
HUGE SUNGKYU FAN RIGHT HERE (literally I'm 6ft tall lol) I EVEN SPELL HIS NAME RIGHT( its sungKyu, not SungGyu lawlz) I own both of his physical albums and posters and they're both on my room. Both his albums were pure magic and every song sounded good. He just has this gaze about him....
2 years ago·Reply
@micahsaysnihao it can be romanized either way. in hangul 'ㄱ'can be pronounced as 'g' or 'k'
2 years ago·Reply
sunggyu my favorite solo artist and infinite member it's hard to find other sunggyu fans
2 years ago·Reply
I love Sungkyu! I think it's stupid that he didn't get much attention on his first album, he worked really hard on it! I love both his albums, he is so good! I love listening to his voice! So pure and beautiful, as well as his personality! He is so sassy and sarcastic when it comes to variety shows as well as reality shows too! He's just awesome! I love him so much it's ridiculous how much I love him! He's so cool!
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