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Just when you thought the Ashley Madison leak couldn't get any more awkward, the local government of Grand Rapids, Michigan discovered that there were more Ashley Madison users in their city than people who voted in its recent election.
Turns out that in Grand Rapids alone, Ashley Madison had almost 23,000 registered users, while the city's mayoral election this month saw only 20,016 registered voters.
Seems to me like some people were too busy for the polls.
After the Ashley Madison leak earlier this month, a website called Malfideleco was launched that broke down the leaks city-by-city, and this isn't the region's only scandalous Ashley Madison news.
According to online sources, Michigan State University, nearby in East Lansing, is also the university with the country's most registered Ashley Madison accounts.

In the famous words of Sulu:

So what's going on in Michigan that's making everyone so stir-crazy? Relationship counselor Joe Martino made the following excuses - I mean, observations - on the city's local news:

"There is a peer pressure in your more conservative towns. You know people are going to view issues of marriage as a collective differently here in West Michigan, say, than Cal Berkeley."

Meanwhile, someone in Berkeley, on the way to pick their cat up from its biweekly yoga class - as one does in the Bay, had this to say:
Martino then goes on to suggest we treat our Ashley Madison users differently, explaining that instead of chastising them as cheaters, we should be treating them as people struggling with sex addiction.

"I'm not in anyway excusing what they did, but it is something we need to bring into the conversation. How do we treat them? How do we help them?"

In any case, it seems that the people of Grand Rapids and the state of Michigan as a whole have a lot of work to do. (Or, you know, Grand Rapids could just get creative and make a site that masks as a newer, shinier Ashley Madison that really only registers you to vote. Just an idea.)
@danidee right? haha the worst they'll find on me is freaking out about alien xD
@buddyesd One time I texted my sister that I just got paid and it sent 'I just got laid' instead :'(
@danidee I once meant to type that I was important and it came out I was impotent... sigh
or sponge Bob underwear haha
@buddyesd They'll find me talking about Donald Trump's face in butter.
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