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So I got tagged by @kpopandkimchi for this one. Ready? Let's go! Who am I taking on a date?
Rap Monster or Namjoon I think we'd have fun since we're close in age
Where are we going though!
We'd start at the Trick Eye Museum! It's a good place to get a laugh going because the date would start out awkward.
We'd go explore the city afterwards. Listening to music and talking about anything and everything. I'd try and get him to teach me to rap and then failing with complete confidence. Until we got hungry and found a cafe that wasn't to crowded.
I would snap countless pointless photos and even make him pose for a few.
If conversation ever stopped, break out the weird dance moves and faces. Because being silly and awkward on the first date is cute.
I'd drag Namjoon to the aquarium later that evening. Pointing out the different fish and showing him the penguins.
If he hadn't made a move by the aquarium, I'd made the first. Weird, awkward hand holding? Check
We'd end the night with a promise to do it again and part ways.
Outfits: Something comfortable and causal. We've got pretty similar tastes
Alright that's all I got XD
Hope you enjoyed!
This would be a wonderful first date!!!!
Kyaaaaa Rap Mon and aquariums YES PLEASE.
Awkward Jellyfish date doesn't sound awful XD
this was cute!
SO CUTE. (*・ω・)