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Has anyone seen this live performance they did at Shenzhen? Overall, the entire crew did an amazing job. I realized they were wearing the clothes from the original music video. Everyone portrayed the character with poise and enthusiasm. The only distraction is the back up dancers. I don't understand what they're saying but I can sense the song is about ambiguity but the backup dancers really ruin the vibe. I personally think their expressions throughout the whole performance is sufficient enough to make my heart sink. Anyways that's just my thought. And since I love instrumentals I can't help but share an acoustic version of the song by Sungha Jung.
Amazing right? I can fall asleep listening to this!
@SharayahTodd Exactly. It would have been better without them.
the dancing was cool until the girl with seungri. she was a lot of sexual. it was weird.
Can't everyone loves this song
I haven't seen Big Bang perform live but this song is <3 <3 <3. They have seriously slayed with their MADE album. #VIPforLife