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So, I know I hadn't been active as much these past week as I've been for the past months, but I really have a lot of studying to do, and vingle just makes me not want to study as hard as I should, since vingling is much more fun. But I am comming back and I am ready for a few new strikes. I am ready for some new cocktails - @marshalledgar @allischaaff for some new funny stuff - danidee for a lot of new recipes - @alywoah and for debates about tv series and everything realted to them - @LauraFisher And for a starter, a funny picture of how I am feeling right now, actually how I feel all the time. Being a foodie has its ups and downs, do you agree?
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I was as well, than I made myself a chicken burger haha. @marshalledgar
I am so hungry!!! 馃崬馃崬
I guess we are all huge foodies.
am I crazy for wanting fried chicken, mustard greens and coleslaw for breakfast? !?!?!?!?!
no, totally not. I think the same way. @marshalledgar