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It is that time of the year, your last chances to pass your exams and it is horibble. Everything seems so much more interesting and fun, but you just have to study. I was a nervous wrack since I had three exams in two days (I passed two and faild one - it was just to little time and just to much to cover everything haha). So, now I have one more exam to pass, so I need to continue with this studying pattern.
I don't have my apartmant in the capital anymore (I am looking for a new one, and I don't seem to have any luck) so when I had two exams in the same day (one early in the morning and a second one late afternoon) I've been basicly living at my university. I had a sofa where I studyed, where I took some naps, I had like 100 toilets just for myself (almost no one was at the university that day), I had a lot of food (vending machines), so it was kind of a home for me for two days. I actually got to meet one of the cleaning ladies, and she is so much fun haha. Just a card of my briefly look at my past week. I am really looking forward to finishing everything.
thanks @onesmile I've got one left.
Good luck with your exams ^^
I hope you weren't too lonely!! With all that space (and toilets lol) to yourself
a bit, but I like being alone haha @allischaaff