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Five Revelations From the Near-Perfect 'Breaking Bad' Finale

I decided to post this card based on @LauraFisher amazing card on Which TV Finale Disappointed You The Most? At first, I thought I would make a list of my favourite TV finales, but decided to go a bit deeper into Breaking Bad final, which in my case was amazing. I am not one of those super hardcore breaking bad fans, but I truly like the finale.
Breaking Bad premiered its first episode on AMC in January 2008. Five years, five seasons and 62 episodes later, one of the greatest television dramas of all time came to an end as Vince Gilligan's landmark series took its final, bloody bow. In a TV landscape that has, in recent years, found it difficult to satisfyingly wrap up beloved shows in a way that hits the right emotional notes while also tying up loose ends, Breaking Bad's final episode may prove to be one of the most fulfilling and well-made farewells ever. And while we're sure to keep "Felina" on our DVRs for repeated close inspection of the episode over the next few weeks, here are a few quick takeaways.

Music, Once Again, Tells the Story

Breaking Bad's final moments come courtesy of Badfinger's song "Baby Blue," from their 1971 album Straight Up, and it's easy to imagine Gilligan sitting at his desk while conceiving his hit series and sticking a Post-It Note on the wall with the title of this tune in bold marker. The song's lyrics fit Walter White's journey (and its ultimate conclusion) nearly perfectly: "Guess I got what I deserve . . . / That special love I have for you / My baby blue."
It's also worth noting the Marty Robbins song that plays near the beginning of the episode while Walter is stuck inside the snow-covered car he's stealing. While seemingly entombed by snow, cold breath streaming from his mouth like his soul escaping from his body, Walt opens the glove box and pulls out a Marty Robbins cassette. Once he finds the keys and gets the car started, Robbins' song "El Paso" starts playing on the stereo. Here, again, Gilligan lets the music tell Walt's story: "Maybe tomorrow / A bullet may find me. / Tonight nothing's worse than this / Pain in my heart."

This is Walter White's Episode

We get to visit with nearly every remaining major player in the Breaking Bad universe during the finale, but make no mistake about it: "Felina" is Walter White's episode. Skyler, Flynn, Todd and Jesse all had big (mostly devastating) moments in the penultimate episode "Granite State," and Uncle Jack and his crew got theirs in "Ozymandias." The series finale, as it rightfully should, belongs to Walter White. It's his story to finish and, through him, we get to witness the tormenting and use of his nemeses (Gretchen and Elliot), the delivery of the truth that will finally let his wife move on with her life, and the destruction of his enemies (Lydia, Todd, Uncle Jack and the rest of his gang). Jesse gets his moment to shine near the episode's conclusion, but the series ends right where it was meant to end: focused solely on Walter White.

Breaking Bad Learned from Other Series Finales

One of the things that have made many recent series finales so divisive is their inability to tie up loose ends, answer questions and provide closure while also delivering a deeply moving, emotional conclusion. For every fan out there that loves the mystery and intrigue of the controversial endings of Lost and The Sopranos, there are just as many (if not more) folks who cried foul because they didn't get the answers they wanted. Breaking Bad's finale pulled in nearly every net the show had cast during its five-season run. Walt's family will get his money. Gretchen and Elliot get their comeuppance (in the words of Walter White: "This is where you get to make it right."). Badger and Skinny Pete are happy. We know where the ricin capsule went. We know what Walt needed that enormous gun for. Walt finally admits the truth: that he did it all for himself, not his family. Jesse gets to kill Todd. Jesse lives. Walt dies. All of the series' big questions were answered and that makes for a very satisfying way to end a show's run. If there are a few threads left dangling, they're minor (What happens to Brock, for instance, now that Andrea is gone? Does Jesse go find him?). Unless, of course, you're Huell and you're still hanging out in that safe house wondering what the hell is going on.

What Does Jesse Have Left?

That extremely cathartic moment when Jesse Pinkman speeds through the gates, alive, and begins his primal scream that's a mixture of happiness, sadness, frustration, relief and elation is so incredibly telling of the character's newfound freedom. Sure, he's made it out alive. He's got his life. But what else does Pinkman have left? He has no money. His girlfriend is dead. He's been beaten both physically and psychologically, and he's a shell of the human being he was once was. Yes, Jesse got his long-awaited retribution against his former teacher when he refused to kill him even though that's what Walt wanted. Jesse is going to live, but at what cost? Maybe he'll find Brock and raise him so the kid has the life that Jesse never had. Maybe he'll meet up with Badger and Skinny Pete, or maybe he'll make that trip to Alaska after all, erasing any evidence of the life he's left behind. Who knows?

Walter White Finally Accepted His Fate

Breaking Bad has always been about Walter White fighting for his life. He started by fighting cancer and moved on to fighting people like Gus Fring and Uncle Jack, but no matter what he's always been fighting. On top of that, Walt was constantly lying, either to himself or to someone else. "Felina" finally put a stop to that. Walt may have come up with a plan to see certain things through in this final episode (the money, the ricin, the Nazis, etc.), but he knew all along that this was a suicide mission. Walter White didn't, for a minute, expect to make it out alive. He had finally accepted his fate. "I did it for me," he told Skyler in their final meeting. "I liked it. I was good at it. And I was really . . . I was alive." For the first time, Walt was able to admit what we all knew all along: that his meth business (and all the various criminal activity that came along with it) was for his own benefit. Cooking meth transformed him into a superhero kingpin named Heisenberg. Meth, though he never used it in the traditional sense of the word, was Walter White's drug of choice, and it killed him just like it does your common junkie. He died alone, with nothing and no one left to care about him, and surrounded by nothing but the tools that got him high.
This show is one of my all time favorites. This was a really amazing card. I love thinking about Huell who like...still exists somewhere waiting forever lol. Amazing finale. Broke my heart.
great job mate
the finale is really amazing. @TessStevens @Megamind
I truly love that show..
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We Have Forgotten How To Learn With Purpose.
What do you think of when you think of learning? Education? Perfect grades? You think success. And it makes sense. People who work hard, who are smart, who do great in school usually go on to become very successful people. And we all think of the same word when we hear successful right... That's right, money. But the problem is, we have forgotten about the beauty of learning, that lesson going in one ear and out the other. And without knowing how to learn, how can you possibly be prepared for the twists and turns of life ? The point of learning isn't to be better then everyone else. Learning isn't to make you wealthy or to climb one rug higher at your job. It's that kind of reasoning that pushes kids away from school. The point of learning is to maintain your dreams, adjust your expectations, adapt to situations and accomplish everything you ever wanted to do, without feeling regret about any of it. I'm reading a book about an astronaut, it's non fiction and the strangest memoir I have ever read. And he said the one reason he loved his job for 20 years was because he never let his love of being an astronaut hinder on weather or not he actually went into space. Sounds crazy right? But it makes sense. He loves space, loves figuring out how things fly and loves learning everything he can about how to be the best astronaut he can be. He did his part, and love every second of the journey. The getting into space part has too many variables out of his control, so why think of it as anything other then a perk? There have, after all, been amazing astronauts who haven't went into space. And it's that attitude that reminds us that learning isn't to only accomplish one goal, it's to prepare yourself for anything, this way you will always find success. So I think it's time we trust the process. We embrace learning not to move up the ladder. a passion for learning, for genuine curiosity will make us into a better person, even if it outwardly effects nothing but our attitude. We need to remember that societies version of "success" and our version of learning doesn't always see eye to eye. So embrace all knowledge, you never know how far it will get you to shooting for the moon. I mean hey, will preparing for one dream you might accidentally discover another along the way! The universe is pretty crazy like that. You live and you learn.
Calling All Creatives: Its National Novel Writing Month !!!!
Its November and while most people think of the basic; "No Shave November", Thanksgiving pants season, or the worst of all people; The Countdown To Christmas People (stop forgetting Thanksgiving assholes), we writers recognize November as something far more....challenging. It's time to crank out a novel (50,000 words) in a mere 30 days. Thats right...November starts National Novel Writing Month! And I have to say for us procrastinating, totally undisciplined writers (raise your hand if you're with me) this month is awesome to get you kickstarted. Rules are there are no rules....just kidding there are rules but they are pretty lacks! A novel to the NANOWRIMO, which is the National Novel Writing website states that they will accept any word count between 10,000 to 999,999. This means that while your stories will have to be long they by no means have to model themselves after Game Of Thrones. How can you win? Because yes, doing this challenge can mean more then just writing a kick ass story that can make you the next Tolkien or J.K. Rowling. If you sign up on the NANOWRIMO website which is right here, then you will earn badges for getting to your daily word count goal and could even be one of the many winners at the end who will receive prizes! Whats even better is that through this website you will have forums and group chats with other writers struggling to pen their novel while juggling wok, school, family and pretty much life which always seems to be getting in the way. So take the challenge. Start that story that has been rolling around in your mind but keeps getting pushed aside by grocery lists. Take another look at the work that you are half way done with and just can't seem to sit down and finish. Talk, complain, and bitch about the struggles of writing with people doing the exact same thing as you. This November dare to start.
It's always up to you!
First of all, I am really happy to be back, to be vingle active. I took some time, away from all the internet and mass media kind of life, which I think it is something everyone of us should do every once in a while. It feels so good. But I have to say, I did miss Vingle, I missed all you lovely vinglers, sharing interesting and funny cards, and now, I am ready for round 2.0. And what is better to post, that this amazingly deep picture (which I am sure, a lot of you have already seen it, am I right?) But in case you havent, take a couple of minutes, read the text carefuly and think. Reading it over and over again makes it even better. It is a great example to approve that it is always up to us, everything. A bad thing, doesn't always have to be a bad thing, you can try and find something positive, and if you try really hard, I'm sure you'll find it. It's only a matter of perspective, and it is so easy, just to flip the case over and embrace the situation. Even if you don't agree with me, at least try. It took me quite a long time to realize this meaningful message, but now I can say, my way of thinking changed. And for the better. Think good, be good and spread the good. I share this card with all the vinglers, but at the same time I want to say "Hi" to some of you: @allischaaff @marshalledgar @alywoah @LauraFisher @TerrecaRiley @nicolejb @shannonl5 @2littlelegs @TessStevens @LizArnone @danidee @skee292 @buddyesd @onesmile @VinMcCarthy @ShadowAnggel87
I guess everyone has some people around them (or maybe not even around, but somewhere), who just hate you, for no real reason. Those, so called people can be your school mates, your friend's freinds, someone you go to college with, your co-workers, or just any other, random people. Those people are usually people we never talk to, and actually never had, but somehow they think they know us, which is letting them to think they have a right to judge you. But, if you worry about them, than you are just stupid. Those people think they know you, they spend hours per day thinking about you. Yes - hating on someone and talking shit about someone is actually thinking of that someone. And you know what? If I tell you about my experience... I have quite a group of people that I "know". Well, they were just empty bodies, strolling down the path of my life, nothing meaningful. Those are the people I don't even know their last names. And they somehow know everything about me, and they feel so happy when talking shit about me. Well, I guess I won. I represent a celebrity figure in their small, meaningless lives. They are spending a lot of their moment on hating on me, and if they are actually so jelous of my life, well than let they! If talking shit about me makes them feel better, let they do it. I don't care. I don't know them. I will never meet them. If they die (sorry for exaggerating) I won't even know, if I die (again, sorry) their world would change like a lot. I am such a big part of their lives, bud saddly it only goes one way - for all the haters out there: Sorry, but who the fuck are you?
This French City Is (Literally) Powered By Cheese.
By now, you've heard of alternative electricity sources like wind, water, and solar power, but have you ever heard of using cheese? For one French city, cheese production is responsible for a considerable amount of their electricity. But how exactly do they do it? When Albertville, a city in Beaufort's dairy manufacturing region, makes its cheese, they use special equipment to convert the whey's methane gas emissions into pure energy that can be used to power 7% of the region's electricity. According to the Smithsonian, this is enough to power roughly 1,500 of 20,000 homes. That may not sound like much, but when you consider its potential, the city might just be onto a new avenue for renewable power sources. In the picture above, you can see the Valbio power plant that produces the aforementioned 'cheese power'. While it's the largest of the company's dairy-powered energy plants (and the largest of such plant on Earth), it's not the only dairy plant around. The same company began building the generators over a decade ago and set up similar plants in Europe and Canada - with more to come! In fact, those in the States might be surprised to know that the Fage brand's Greek yogurt also plays a part in powering the region from where it's produced. When Fage is made at its Albany-based plant, the whey used is later pumped to a wastewater plant to produce energy from its fermentation. Pretty cool, huh? So I hope that all of you who decided you'd like to cut down on the dairy going into the New Year re-embrace your love for all things covered in cheese. You're doing it for the greater good of the environment. It's your personal duty to eat tons of cheese. Let me know what you think about this new, cheesy fuel source in the comments below. And for more WTF news, follow my WTF Street Journal collection.
4 Dumb Viral Videos You Totally Forgot About Until Now
You're welcome. 1. He Man Says Hey I have this long-standing theory that this video in particular is the center of the internet. Seriously, it shows up when you least expect it. In fact this video was what triggered this post. I thought, "Oh God. It's back." Why It Went Viral: Because like, it's ridiculous, and accurate. The remix of "What's Going On" by 4 Non Blondes is hilarious, and the video is perfectly in-synch. And I mean perfect. It's flawless. Which makes you wonder why someone put so much effort into something so dumb. Favorite Moment: When the music is playing outside of the kitchen and He-man's cook is just stirring a pot, casually. View Count: 62, 917,000 2. Too Many Cooks This is possibly the longest video to ever go viral. In 2015 audiences everywhere were baffled by the mystique of Too Many Cooks. This is honestly one of the strangest things I've ever seen. Seriously, it goes on forever, and you have to watch the whole thing or else you'll miss the point entirely. It appears to be a clever satire on opening title sequences of sitcoms, but evolves into...well...I'll just let you watch it. Why It Went Viral: IT WAS REALLY EFFING WEIRD. Plus, the fact that it goes on forever makes it that much funnier. Watching this with your friends is probably the best thing ever, because it's really reaction oriented. View Count: 9,357,000 3. You Forgot Blueberries This video was shown to me Sophomore year of high school, and as soon as people sat down, they were watching for my reaction. That's how you know you're in for a video that either A. has something to do with someone getting hurt, or B. has a surprise ending. This one has both of those elements. Why It Went Viral: This video has a bunch of catchphrases like "You forgot Blueberries" "It's Yummah" and of course "Blue Berries Blueberrrieessss". The slow motion at the end is clutch, and you can't go wrong with a genuine video surrounding people accidentally hurting themselves. Favorite Moment: The end, duh. And recognizing how annoying little sisters can be haha View Count: 18, 019, 000 4. Scarlet Takes A Tumble Seriously, best. Ever. Why it Went Viral: Because like.....just watch it. Favorite moment: After the crazy ending, when she's rolling around screaming in pain. Sorry if that's harsh, it's just classic. View Count: 24,316,000 Which one is your favorite!? And what viral video still makes you laugh?
Jessica Jones and Relationship Violence
"All you gave me was shame!" [Content warning for discussion of rape and domestic violence]. [Not SPOILER free]. Jessica Jones has been getting a lot of (well-earned) acclaim for being gritty, well-designed, and compelling. Frankly, it's one of the best things Marvel has done. But this show deserves credit for something else. Honestly, I was nervous going in. I was familiar with the comics, and I knew that one of the crimes The Purple Man/Kilgrave committed was sexual assault. And unfortunately that's not a subject that our media handles well. We victim-blame. We sympathize with attackers. In the court of public opinion, we often absolve them of any crime. According to RAINN, only 3 out of every 100 rapists ever spend a day in prison. The majority still go unreported, and victims often state that they don't come forward because they're scared. They're shamed into silence. Or they're dismissed, told that they're wrong about what they experienced. Told they're lying, or blowing it out of proportion. Jessica Jones shut that right down. Just in case the images won't load, here's the text of that scene: Kilgrave: We used to do a lot more than just touch hands. Jessica: Yeah, it's called rape. Kilgrave: What? Which part of staying in five-star hotels, eating in all the best places, doing whatever the hell you wanted, is rape? Jessica: The part where I didn't want any of it! Not only did you physically rape me, but you violated every cell in my body and every thought in my goddamn head. Kilgrave: That is not what I was trying to do. Jessica: It doesn't matter what you were trying to do! You raped me. Again and again and again. Something horrific happened to this woman. Kilgrave used his powers to force her to do whatever he wanted. He brainwashed her, and while most abusers don't have powers, they often use manipulative tactics to force their victims to stay with them. Kilgrave is a monster and he used his powers to control her. And then he convinced himself that he was the victim, that he had done nothing wrong. Which is what makes him the villain of this story. And what's amazing is that he reads just like a textbook case of an abuser. He's self-centered, he's obsessed with her, stalks her, he's convinced that they're in love and "meant to be", so sure that he's in the right and that she's just "acting crazy", that they're in a "rough patch". And when he finally realizes she doesn't want him... "Or maybe I'll just kill her." For most victims of domestic violence, the times when they try to leave their partners are the most dangerous. Abusers adopt the mentality of "if I can't have her, no one can", the most extreme iteration of a repeating pattern of abuse: treating their partners like objects or possessions. Jessica Jones is a hero. And not just because she's powerful, or because she tracks down bad guys. It's because this show faced the horror of rape and relationship violence head on. Something that 1 in 3 American women face at one point in their lives. Jessica Jones stood up for all of those women and said no, this isn't love. This is torture. This is abuse. Her struggle to provide evidence in the courtroom, her own self-doubt and trauma, even her attempts to save him are all battles that victims often have to face. She faced the demons, and maybe someone else will see her and find the courage to do the same. "Abuse thrives only in silence." If you want more information on the subject, this TED talk by survivor Leslie Morgan Steiner is a little more grounded in reality. However, I've found that sometimes fiction can be just as effective. It can be easier to examine fictional villains to see patterns that can lead to violence, and it can be empowering to look up to fictional heroes when we need courage. Which is why Jessica Jones has my deepest gratitude.