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Rachelina takes on Global Diets~Day 2

Here is a video of Day 2: Well, after 1 day on my diet, I have lost 1.25 kg. I am happy about it, even if I know that it is water weight. Once again I walked to worked today, which is about 3.5K ~2.2 miles. I had my jamba juice smoothie, the protein berry workout one. After that, my day got kinda interesting. My colleagues and I were to go to a brazillian bbq restaurant for dinner, so no one really wanted to eat a heavy lunch. I ended up eating the eggs that I normally had for dinner for lunch. Then we went to a vietnamese restaurant where I had soup and shrimp shumai. I had a caffe late to drink in the afternoon (no sugar of course). I guess it was a good thing that I ate at the vietnamese restaurant b/c dinner was not until about 9pm that night. During the afternoon, I drank water and snacked on dried seaweed. For dinner, I had two spoons of mashed potatoes b/c I had not had them in over a year, so I was fine making that sacrifice. I had a lot meat though, primarily b/c I had ben anmic for a while and hadn't had red meat in a while either. Most people would have thrown in the towel and decided to start their diet next Monday. I'm not gonna lie b/c that thought did cross my mind, but then I thought, it's not like you do this every night, so what they heck. I think that I need to re-evaluate my diet, so it will be more of a lifestyle change than a quick fix like in the past. Oh well, time to get to bed :) Weight: 133.40kg (-1.25) Day 1: http://www.vingle.net/posts/9691 Day 3 and 4: http://www.vingle.net/posts/10222
smart to re-think the diet. I was a bit worried b/c it seemed to strict
that's how it normally happens for me too :)
Day 2 was interesting, but I realized that things had to change
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