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ok Sooooooo this was written a few years ago , shows how much I've grown. how does a heart really heal ? how do you even begin to rebuild a burnt bridge ?  these are the questions that go through my head form time to time sometimes the damage is too much , that it seems like there will or can't ever be a repair or ever be the same . Well I have news for you , God can do the impossible (even the things that seem hopeless) I have come to this understanding after battleing my own issues . sometimes we go through things so that we will learn how to help someone else who might be going through the same thing . God has ways of useing us even when we don't see it . I know this may sound like i'm rambleing but there is a reason for this "note" , you see as of the past 12 weeks God has been dealing with me , breaking me, reforming me, molding me into the woman he wants me to be . I have learned how to seek God with my whole heart . It has been a learning and humbleing experiance .  I am so Greatful for everything that God has been doing in my life. His presence has been extreamly evident in my life (especially the past few days)