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Round Two...? First Date Challenge ♡

Well, I'm going for round two...

Ah... It's not exactly round two. My first time doing the challenge is here: I wanted to do another one because it was fun the first time, so I'm doing another one with a different bias. (*casually does Oscar thank you speech to my panda unnie here*) These make me want to write imagines again and get back into fanfic writing... *sighs sadly* Anyway! On to the main event!

The Date.

For this date, I'll be hanging off of Mr. Bang Minsoo's delicious arm. I... I made my mind go blank after thinking about his arms. I bet he gives nice hugs. I want to hug him... MUST. FOCUS. This is my date this time around because he's gorgeous and adorable and just this really precious person. I feel like I need to watch more Teen Top related stuff to be qualified to say this but cupid got me on this one. (Not posting my picture again because posted a few of them yesterday in that other card. Feeling no guilt about this decision either. =3=)

The Outfit.

retty sure those are dude pants and I'm pretty sure GD wore them at some point or something like those but don't care. This is also my style. I like a little grunge in my fashion. This baggy tee is definitely me and I slipped in some gorgeous canvas shoes there. Oh, and the beanie is back! Once again, we see a lack of accessories here. If I was styling this for someone else, there would be some accessories I'd definitely pair with this. On the other hand, considering what's in the plans for this first date, no accessories would probably be best.

Stop Numero Uno.

Batting cages! Another thing I've always wanted to do and see as a good opportunity to do on my first with Minsoo. Plus, just think about it... Those arms in motion as he swings. I would hope he'd wear a short-sleeved shirt or a tank top. For perfectly clean, holy reasons. He'd get hot if he wore something too thick or with long sleeves, although a henley kind of shirt would work here, too. I wonder if could get more hits in than him.

Numero Dos.

Time for some downtime. A good, healthy meal would be nice, so a farmers' market or a restaurant close to one would be nice. The scene at these kinds of places is usually pretty busy but it's still a nice place to chill and get some fresh food. Farmers' markets are also another type of place that make me happy. I'm not keen to the amount of people but I love the fresh goodies that are for sale. Not to mention, Minsoo and I would be able to get a decently hearty meal to replenish ourselves after the mini-workout at the cages.

Numero Tres.

I see go-karting in the future. Whether Minsoo and I ride in a double kart together or race each other, I can't imagine it not being fun. I love to go-kart and racing the people I know are the usual thing. Either way though, I feel it'd be tons of fun, hands down.

Last but Not Least

A nice, light meal to close out the night would be nice. I'd like to have patbingsoo for the first time as well. We could share one or have our own. I'd be fine either way. It'd be nice if the place was somewhere scenic or even just a hole in the wall. We'd get to talk about how our date went and just enjoy each other's company.
It's nothing super exciting but I think it'd be a really fun and memorable first date. I haven't really thought about what it'd be like to be married to him but I really do believe a few dates with him would be amazing. He seems like he'd be an awesome boyfriend. ♡ Credit to idea owner: @amobigbang
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