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So I go to school for Web and Interactive Media and my instructor sends us emails everyday containing quotes and we have to write the quote down in these planners and then write what we think the quote means and I get bored thinking so yesterday I started to write Korean words at the top of the planner because I didn't know what to write and we have to turn them in so we can get a grade and this is the conversation I ended up having with my instructor after she graded mine.
Instructor: What language is written at the top?
Me: Korean.
Instructor: Why did you write down Korean?
Me: I want to learn it.
Instructor: Why do you want to learn it?
Me:Because I love their music and I want to go there.
Instructor: . . . . .
Me: Yeah I know, I'm weird right?
Instructor: "The stare"
She was probably thinking "I shouldn't have asked."
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I just know cuss words lol
I taught my friends how to say that bastard in Korean
Haha I learned korean on my own and took some notes in korean, but I didnt know I had to hand it in so, I had to save a similar conversation
that will be be next week
I taught my friend how to say pervert in Korean. @JessicaChaney