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Sounds about right. I've gone on five dates in the past two months and it's... Horrible? Sure, these girls are attractive, sure they would be fun and get me out of my comfort zone for a while, but there's nothing long term. There's no joking around with them. There's no depth in mind or ideals. They all lived in the "now" with no plans for the future. Do you know how frustrating it is to say a smart-ass remark and not get a retort fired right back at you? There is no wit, there's no sense of humor, no strength of character, no sense of self confidence, merely a transparent mask of needing attention and using people to get what they want. There's no having a discussion, because their minds aren't expansive enough to talk about anything that's not superficial. There's no fire, no drive. Frankly, I'm disappointed and saddened haha At 19-21, are my expectations of thinking a person should constantly be working at improving themselves and their standing, really too high? Is it too much to think that you should always be seeking to learn and understand and expand your mind? Don't survive on superficiality and hope that some opportunity happens to fall into your lap. No, make it happen! Work to better yourself! Bring something to the table, have some self worth. Is it really too much to ask for?
Aww haha I like your qualities you look for in a gal :) that's sweet. It doesn't seem so hard to find!! Maybe you should be looking at conventions that cater to things like LoL and anime. XD P.S. Love your use of the word "fornicating" lol. That's so true. All of those things are beautiful parts of being in a relationship. I think the reason I've been so happy as a single person lately is because I hadn't found anyone who I was ready to be in a relationship with. Sure, there were nice guys, but they weren't the "right person." I recently found someone with whom I can have hours and hours of deep conversation, talk about things like literature and art and science, feel so many things just by staring into each others eyes, without even laying a finger on each other... it's a special feeling. It's all about finding that person who makes you feel completely and totally yourself.
@allischaaff haha Right? (.-. ) It seems nearly impossible to find a relatively sane woman who watches Anime, likes reading, plays league of legends, doesn't smoke, can maintain comfortable silence and enjoys late night ice cream runs at 3 A. M. Around where I live Lol That's all I want XD Oh, and likes Disney Movies! And I think they're like that because that's how they were at my age. My behavior is very quaint to them and they can't understand how I'm not out getting drunk and fornicating with everything that walks in my direction. I used to like being single more than being in a relationship too, however now, I enjoy both equally. I... Love being in a relationship. I love caring for somebody and I love dedicating myself to the other persons happiness and success. I love holding hands, I love late night walks, I love the deep conversations, I love the comfortable silence, I love having the presence of somebody who cares about me, and I them, close to me. However, Being single feels great too lol More private time, you don't feel obligated to do anything, you can do as you please and as you say, there's no worrying about another person.
Blegh. Sound like a bunch of airheads. Why is your family so concerned with you finding someone/"getting laid" (lol) ?? It's none of their business!! Especially if you like being single. Honestly being single is like my favorite thing, you have no one else to worry about and nothing to tie you down.
@allischaaff I can agree with that. I'm not really asking people on dates, it's kind of me getting asked out and then years of my friends and family telling me that I need to go out more and as my father puts it, "get laid", guilt me into saying yes and trying to see if any of these women can interest me for more than the first hour haha (.-. ) But no. They all use generally use similar lines and just want to party or have the need to be social all the dang time.
@Arellano1052 My thought is that you're going on dates with the wrong kinds of girls. Maybe you should try meeting people in more intellectual settings, like at the library or at gatherings for topics/activities that interest you. I agree that dates with people who don't have that "spark" are just so boring!
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