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I was tagged by @AimeeH to do the Random Challenge so here we go!
I was in ESPN Magazine in 2012 and a local commercial for a Dayton Dragons baseball game that I attended with my family when I was in elementary school (guess who I am).
Although I live in Ohio, I am a huge Michigan fan and I will send you mean snaps on OSU Michigan game day.
I am a major Ben Folds fangirl and I have seen him twice in concert.
I am afraid of ducks.
And I am a dog person. (this is one of my dogs)
@AimeeH asked what my guilty pleasure after a stressful day was...
Depending on how stressed I am, I will either listen to Epik High, clean, or watch Mr. Rogers.
My question is What Is your current YouTube obsession?
I have been watching a lot of Will It Waffle by Jackson Bird.
I also tag @simplysam12 because she needs to do more on here!
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@amobigbang I didn't really understand it either, but I think you post 5 facts about yourself, answer a random question, and ask a random question.
@Taijiotter yes that's the outline.
opps @Tijiotter lol
@Taijiotter I think we are the same person! LOL
@poojas Ha! I knew it!