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I know there are a lot of foodies here on vingle and I am sure a lot of you like potato as well, so my question is, for which picture would you go right now? What do you crave for? I know @alywoah is a foodie, and I guess @marshalledgar as well, but I hope all of you guys on vingle will have your own opinion as well. I would die for the last picture right now. Hadn't had those for such a long time.
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yeah, we do have sweet potatos, but they are not a huge deal here. I tried them for the first time like a month ago, and wasn't a big fan :( I am more of a rice and pasta person. @allischaaff
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I am salivating at the loaded skins in the top right....maybe my Vingle name should have been @mrpotatohead
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I would love mashed potatoes with goat cheese in it.
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potatoe patties look real yummy.
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