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Hi friends!
As summer comes to an end (a fact I am totally not okay accepting) I was wondering how all of your summers went? I talk to quite a few of you here often but it would be fun to talk about our summers here and get to know each other even more. :)
To start off...let me tell you how mine went...a few highlights from my summer.

>>> Gaming

After years of being a let's play watcher, I finally got Steam this summer (thank you Steam Summer Sale). And of all the games I could have gotten, I chose Outlast and Don't Starve Together. Who needs sleep when you can play horror games, right? T_T

>>> Fan Merch

I bought my very first fan merch stuff ever! I got a couple Kpop albums, posters and...I got a Totoro plush and the 25th anniversary Totoro picture book. I AM BASICALLY A CHILD. A broke child but a fangirl child nonetheless.

>>> Homesickness

Summers are not entirely perfect, right? I was away from home for most of the summer and didn't see my family for a really long time because of college as well. But I had friends who made me feel at home, so I am really grateful for that. :)

>>> Kitten Adventures

My roommate got a new kitten the last week that I was staying with her and he was the most ADORABLE little thing EVER! His name is Bambi and he always used to wait outside my door and follow me around as I walked through the house. I know what pet I'm getting if I ever get one.

>>> Watching Shows

I watched a LOT of things this summer. From movies to animes to TV shows...K-dramas. You name it. It is my greatest stress-relief and I am always looking to take my mind off of things through these entertaining distractions.

>>> Work

I had a really rewarding internship this summer and I met a whole bunch of creative people so that was really exciting. My office was not anything like the one in this gif. It was actually quite a fun environment and I learned SO MANY THINGS. It was the best! ^_^

>>> Reading Stuff

I read quite a bit this summer as well. Not as much as I would have liked to. And webcomics count right? Because that's mostly what I have been reading! XD

>>> Exploring The City

I explored a lot of places in NYC this summer since that's where I was working. It was a lot of fun. I never thought I would say this but I LOVED the city. And it will always have a special place in my heart! <3

>>> Fangirl

I fangirl-ed a lot this summer. Like A LOT. When new and exciting things happen in all your fandoms all at once, you basically lose your mind. I pretty much looked like a caffeinated minion most of this summer. I'm not joking.

>>> New Beginnings

I had to say goodbye to quite a few things and people this summer but it's all part of growing up, right? With endings come new beginnings. This summer definitely had it's ups and downs but I will never forget all the memories I made.

So tell me Anime Community friends, how was your summer?

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@poojas, that's a lot better than my summer. I pretty much just went to school all summer long to try to finish my degree faster. It was a pain trying to cram so much information in a short amount of time. But it was also fun with dissections and looking through microscopes. And I did get my associates degree. But unfortunately did not hear from the university I applied to . So as for now I was looking for a second job. Waiting for a call back today. And looking forward to a Korean thanksgiving that is supposed to happen next Friday, as well as seeing One OK Rock in October. Not to mention listening to BigBangs' songs that came out in the summer. But it's great to hear how your summer has been, and thank you for sharing with all of us.
@SusyHerrera That sounds like a packed summer. Hopefully you hear good news. And Big Bang was amazing <3
@poojas, yes it certainly was. And well from what I hear from my sister, she said it technically meant that I'm already hired. So now I am just awaiting for the call. And yes they certainly was. Too bad I won't get to see them play live. Even though I, along with other people have been making an effort to try to get them to come via mymusictaste.
@SusyHerrera That's good. And ah okay, I can't go either. They are not coming anywhere near me lol
It wasn't to bad mostly sat around and went camping three times which is more then normal and it was awesome ^^ but I had to work which is good for money things but yeah