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Cocktail party season (for Fall) is right around the corner! Time to dust off your old cocktail tray and give it an update!
Okay, so this update is a complete no-brainer. I love this idea because it is so simple and appears to take as much time as a whiskey sour. So don't think of this of a "project" as much as a vehicle to prep you for all of the imbibing you and your friends will be doing this season.
Start this off with giving your tray a new spray of metalic and covering it with clear shelac when it's all dry. Then, head to your local fabric store (or buy online) some vinyl like what you see in the pic, trace your cocktail tray and cut. Tack it down to your tray with some permanent adhesive. E6000 glue is the end-all-be-all crafter's glue.
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