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Every once in a while I will encounter a bride and groom that love to party so much that they insist on taking an evening reception to the next level by renting out a VIP space at a popular club or lounge! THAT'S AWESOME! If that sounds like you, here's another stunning look by professional makeup artist, Ely Marino. Isn't it obvious why she's so popular online and among those in the makeup industry--her eyes are ALWAYS perfect. Here's how to keep your night owl vibe without looking disheveled:
1. Apply "Creme Brulée" slightly above the crease 2. Apply "Frappe" slightly underneath the first color to add depth 3. Blend "Mocha" in the crease 4. Pat "Center Stage" on the lid 5. Apply your wing as desired using "Immortal gel Liner" Smoke out the lower lash line with "Wisteria" shadow then using "Masquerade" apply closet to the lashes! Highlight the inner corner of the eyes with "Whimsical" Lashes: Flutter Lashes Inc "Natalie" Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow in Dark Brown *All makeup by Makeup Geek Cosmetics unless otherwise stated. Click here for more stunning makeup looks for your wedding season.
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glad you like it @Animaniafreak @chandnip804
Oh, I love this!! Beautiful!
try it out @ButterflyBlu
Yeah, I will, @marshalledgar. I'm always down for anything that makes my brown eyes pop like that. :)
@ButterflyBlu have you ever considered honey colored contact lenses? the quality of lenses has gotten really good. many look so real. the trick is to wear lenses that are 1 shade lighter or darker of the same color family. just a thought.