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Zion T and Taeyang sang I need a girl together and I didn't know about it until today. I never thought of them collaborating before but now I need it to happen even more than I need Taeyang and Ailee to collaborate, which is saying a lot since I've waited for years for taelee to collab.
Speaking of collaborations, this need to happen too. IU needs to do a song with hyukoh. I mean, she's already a fan of theirs so why not? Btw do any of you ship them? I've been watching infinite challenge and I've started shipping them like crazy!
Thanks for posting this! Totally did not see any of this!
I didnt know about this either! !! how could I have missed my two loves singing together!!!
Lol I saw the episode too...IU n Hyukoh voices would sound soo good together. I too was suprised by Zion T and Taeyang sing the same song. The whole music festival was awesome. Wish they could all collab again someday...make an album, I'll buy it.
@JustinaNguyen omo😍 omo😍 I think I just fell in love with you! THANK YOU! 🙇🙇🙇 FOR THE TITLE SONG! I'M GOING TO LOOK FOR IT ON YOUTUBE! I NEED THE ENGLISH SUBTITLES 😆 THANK YOU 🙇😚😘😙
@GuerlyReyes lol that would be me too if I were able to see him. the song you're talking about is probably yanghwa bridge
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