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Why didn't anyone tell me about this?!
Zion T and Taeyang sang I need a girl together and I didn't know about it until today. I never thought of them collaborating before but now I need it to happen even more than I need Taeyang and Ailee to collaborate, which is saying a lot since I've waited for years for taelee to collab.
Speaking of collaborations, this need to happen too. IU needs to do a song with hyukoh. I mean, she's already a fan of theirs so why not? Btw do any of you ship them? I've been watching infinite challenge and I've started shipping them like crazy!
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yes please. hyukoh is day 1 A1.
2 years ago·Reply
Lol I saw the episode too...IU n Hyukoh voices would sound soo good together. I too was suprised by Zion T and Taeyang sing the same song. The whole music festival was awesome. Wish they could all collab again someday...make an album, I'll buy it.
2 years ago·Reply
Lol I keep watching the Zion T and Taeyang collab...
2 years ago·Reply
@candyland1986 same. it's so good and it makes me want an official collaboration
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