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I'm never sure how to thank my parents for all that they've done. It's hard to put into words the amount of gratitude, when nothing seems to be enough. You can send a card or text. You can e-mail or message...but nothing can ever come close to the thing you feel:
A deep amount of admiration and respect.
So I decided to write a little ditty thanking them for all they do. Limit yourself to one block and be direct. Thank you, although never enough, is a start.
Mom and Dad:
Words will never describe this feeling I have. A respect, an admiration. Something intangible. These past few days at home have been a blessing. From the hustle and bustle of the city back home, to the one place I'm not whole without.
Seeing you two, my siblings and of course Miss.Tuffsey has been a wonderful reprieve, and I can't wait to call you from over the ethos and say, "I made it overseas!"
What a journey we've had through school and music. The ups and downs have been apparrent. And although I have a hard time letting things out, and coming to terms with what's happening in my brain, you've always been there for me to unburden myself.
The support and absolute loyalty you have to me is something I will never take for granted. And even though things get tough, and I make a fool of myself, I hope deep down you know I"m always going to be your child. That kid who cried all day after the bus driver couldn't find our house in 7th grade thanks you for the strength, the kindness, and the absolute confidence in her ridiculous life choices.
Nothing would have happened without you. I wouldn't be who I am without you.
I know this is short, and not very articulate: but I can't say it enough...thank you. Dad, thanks for being grumpy and fun, always up for an adventure and story. Thank you for the writing, the criticism and the attention. Mom thank you for the laughs, the faith and the defense. Your strength is unparalleled.
Thank you both:
For the good, bad, ugly and downright amazing things you've given me. The support and the push to succeed, the tough love and the complete trust are things I may never get from another person again.
As I jet off to a foreign land, I'll be thinking of you, always.
Remember the time difference and answer your phones. You know I'll be calling.
I'd love to see a thank you letter from some of my vingle buddies:
that was such a beautiful card @TessStevens ! although I always love your challenges I'm really not emotionally prepared to enter this challenge but thank you for tagging me! I agree with @buddyesd ! your parents must be proud of you!
hahahahhahaha my little brother is dealing with girls now and I do not like it one bit. @buddyesd lol
Lol @buddyesd but it was so creative! hahah I'd be like "yeah! Cool dad!" hahah
Thank you buddy!!! I'm looking forward to seeing yours. Also, your kids should thank you! @buddyesd Lol 馃槆
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