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The live action adaption of CLAMP’s XXX Holic will be broadcasted on Japan's WOWOW station from February 24. The café which was used as Yuko Ichihara’s wish-granting shop in this live-action series is open to the public since yesterday January 21 and located on the ground floor of Pasela Resorts Building in Shinjuku. In order to commemorate the premiere of the upcoming live-action TV Series of xxxHolic, this special café will be open to the public until March 3. The café which was used during the filming of XXX Holic features yuko’s specific clothing that the actress and model Anne have worn, her smoking pipe and a lot of other small stuff belongs to her. There is also a special menu will be served at the limited-time "xxxHOLiC. 5 different types of deserts which was created by Watanuki in the manga are on the list. The Pasela Resorts café in Shibuya will offer xxxHOLiC honey toast, strawberry chiffon cake, banana pancakes, fondant chocolat, and nerikiri (bean paste sweet) & "snow bunnies." People who order from the special menu will also receive one of six limited original coasters. For more pictures of this wonderful café, please see the collection.
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must go here!!!
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The must-go place for every clamp's fan :D
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