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Finally I have a #1 bias! Zico! He just amazing, talented, sweet hearted guy! He won my heart after I read about what all he did for the fangirl that passed away in an accident, and then he sealed it after producing the song fear: Mino ft Taeyang. It's just an amazing song
Listen to this and tell me you don't tear up! Oh my feels!!!
yay!!! you picked a good I love zico because hes so amazing and soo talented. definitely one of my favorite rappers and I kid you not I have listened to that song a million times its soo beautiful and makes me so proud of that little tough cookie
YAY~ Now we can fangirl over Zico together, eh? *wiggles eyebrow*
Good song! 😁 it does have a very Zico style of rapping, I mean compared to how Mino usually raps sounds great^_^
yass gurl yasss!! 😙
I know I'm so proud of him too! He just so adorable! :)
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