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I've had a pretty rough week and it's been quite a trying time but we all go through these moments, right? Plus, I've got a Vingle family that always cheers me up! This one's for all of you who are in this boat right now. You are not alone. These tips always help me get through tough times. It might not help solve the problem but it might help you deal with it better.
1. Don't shut down.
It's probably first instinct to just shut out the problems and shut yourself down. It is totally okay and healthy to take some alone time to think, but try to acknowledge the matter and your feelings as well.
2. Reach out.
While it seems easiest to just keep things to yourself, talking to at least one friend or acquaintance online or offline might really help lighten the weight of the problem. Of course, this isn't applicable to all situations but it's something I find really helpful.
3. Find healthy distractions.
If there is not much that you can do about the situation, try to find healthy distractions. Drawing, reading, journaling, music, anything that helps you focus on something else for a bit. This is tremendous help when it comes to clearing your mind. If nothing comes to mind, even talking frequent walks helps.
4. Stay strong.
This one might be difficult at first but we are definitely stronger than we seem. I always consciously try to find courage in these times and usually talking to others helps in this as well. The most important thing to remember is that this too shall pass and likely won't be a defining moment in life.
5. Think positive.
You probably hear this a LOT but it is so important! Just thinking positive thoughts helps us deal with problems to a great extent. I always try to think that the worst is behind me. As people always say, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Just be strong and keep going!
Hope these help. :)
thanks man these people help me when i need it. I'm glad I found people like everyone in here
@poojas yep °_•, but Vingle got me up on my feet thanks to the hilarious fangirls, ridioulous logic that makes me laugh, and basically itself entirely.
*ahem* I believe you forgot one. Do not worry, I can say it for you. NUMBER 6: WATCH ANIME. It's speaks for itself.
@poojas The two quizzes went good, but unfortunately my Spanish quiz was postponed to Tues, and I know moat people would be happy but...But its even more time to worry about it.........*sighs* Wae....
roughest week ever. I had 3 quizzes right up in my face, and no matter how many Weekly Idol videos I watch my mind went to it. It was hard but I got my virtual fam, my real fam, and my.........awesome-fam-that-only-lasts-for-a-year-cause-its-my-homeroom........? :)
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