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Your BIGBANG Boyfriend Is Daesung! ♥
Surprise! - You woke up to the sound of your phone ringing, you rolled over and answered the call, £"Mhm..?" You mumbled as you rubbed your eyes. "Good morning beautiful!" Daesung sang down the sound. You smiled and sat up in a daze. Every morning, your boyfriend Daesung would ring to wake you up. Daesung was a member of BIGBANG and this was just before his practice started in the mornings. "Good morning" You said in a daze. You heard him laugh over the phone as he knew you were still half asleep and in a daze. "What are you doing?" He asked you. You mumbled something which he couldn't understand at all and you could just hear him laughing. "You're doing what?" He asked you again. You grumbled and woke up fully, "I'm... up and studying." You told him. He laughed. "Not laid in bed are we?" He said as he sniggered. "No! I'm up early! I never lay in bed till late morning..." You said smirking. "lies!" Daesung sung down the phone. "How do you know?" "I bet you haven't even left your bedroom yet." He said as he laughed. You shot up and quickly ran out of your bedroom. As you flung open the door you saw Daesung stood there in your apartment. He put his phone down and you ran into his arms. "How did you get in?" You asked him. He laughed, "Very interesting idea... putting your passcode as my birthday. I feel honoured." He smirked. "You should be." You said as you both laughed. He pointed towards your kitchen table where a coffee stood and a bag with some breakfast in. You stood on your tiptoes and kissed him before running off to eat your breakfast and drink your coffee. "Thank you. No practice?" You asked him. "I wanted to spend the day with you." He said as he winked cheesily. - See more at: http://quiz.allyoucareabout.com/quiz/who-is-your-bigbang-boyfriend-69.html#sthash.2HL4sYsT.dpuf Who is your BigBang Boyfriend?
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I was hoping I would get TOP. But I love them all so I am not complaining. Plus Daesung is just so adorable. So I was soooo happy with the story plot that I was given. @DenieceSuit