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FOMO FRIDAYS: First Dates, Trivia Answers, and Butts


You know what thaaaaaaaaaat means...


Without further ado:

・:*: ゚・✿ヾWELCOME TO FOMO FRIDAY✿・゚。・:*:・

The Collaboration You've All Been Waiting For

Yesterday, @JustinaNguyen found my dream collaboration. Zion.T and Taeyang worked together to make a stunning version of I Need a Girl.
Listen to it >>here<<, plus watch a bonus collab!

HATERADE - Are You a Mean Fan?

This week @PassTheSuga posted an AWESOME card that looks at how competition, fan wars, and just general hate is prominent in the Kpop world.
But are there times when being a territorial mama bear fan is necessary?! Who would you defend to the death!?
Check out @PassTheSuga's picks >>here<<

Hakyeon: LR's Ultimate Fanboy

VIXX's first subunit is currently promoting the track 'Beautiful Liar' and VIXX's leader N (Hakyeon) wanted to be a part of the action.
Check out the ADORABLE things Hakyeon has done this week for the group and fall even deeper in love with these ridiculous boys >>here<<

Spanking: EXO Style

Don't worry, this card is still totally safe for work and school hahahhaha somehow @hyaCinthus managed to keep this card PG.
Basically, the boys of EXO really like to spank each other and she made a record of the best moments >>here<<

First Date Challenge

A lot of people have participated in this challenge and honestly it just makes me want to date all of you cause you come up with some pretty adorable first dates. *blushes*
Anyway, @amobigbang came up with this one and you should TOTALLY participate because I love reading these things and it would make me happy hahahaha
Check it out >>here<<

Hyuna: Is She TOO Sexy?!

This week for Acceptance August we talked about Hyuna's new video and how maybe she "too sexy" concept is actually brilliant?
Check it out >>here<<
Thanks to all the awesome people who participated in Acceptance August!


1) B. 2NE1
2) A. CN Blue's Jonghyun and Juniel make up Romantic J 3) CORRECTION! THERE WERE 2 GROUPS LISTED WITH 6 MEMBERS...MY BAD!! 4) A. SHINee's Replay was their debut song 5) D. Sunggyu, not Hoya, is the leader of Infinite


So close! Good luck next time!

Thank you to @tayunnie @baileykayleen @StephanieDuong and @VixenVivi for catching my mistake!

If you want to submit questions for THURSDAY TRIVIA you can send them to me >>here<< and I'll be sure to use them next week!

Have a great weekend!

Be sure to say hi in the comments if you're new~~

@kpopandkimchi are you kidding me?!! no problem!!! ahahah with all of these kpop groups like Damn and you make so many interesting cards every day YOURE AMAZNGG
I'm lovin this Vingle life!!! Who agrees?
@kpopandkimchi No worries XD it could happen to any of us!
@kpopandkimchi hah oh girl please! It's so easy to get that mixed up. I always forget a member of something lol. And yeah, I would be kinda scared that you are a robot if you did all the cards you did and were flawless. No judgment if you are a robot tho. I'm pro robot.
this post is awesome! great job on it!
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