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FOMO FRIDAYS: First Dates, Trivia Answers, and Butts


You know what thaaaaaaaaaat means...


Without further ado:

・:*: ゚・✿ヾWELCOME TO FOMO FRIDAY✿・゚。・:*:・

The Collaboration You've All Been Waiting For

Yesterday, @JustinaNguyen found my dream collaboration. Zion.T and Taeyang worked together to make a stunning version of I Need a Girl.
Listen to it >>here<<, plus watch a bonus collab!

HATERADE - Are You a Mean Fan?

This week @PassTheSuga posted an AWESOME card that looks at how competition, fan wars, and just general hate is prominent in the Kpop world.
But are there times when being a territorial mama bear fan is necessary?! Who would you defend to the death!?
Check out @PassTheSuga's picks >>here<<

Hakyeon: LR's Ultimate Fanboy

VIXX's first subunit is currently promoting the track 'Beautiful Liar' and VIXX's leader N (Hakyeon) wanted to be a part of the action.
Check out the ADORABLE things Hakyeon has done this week for the group and fall even deeper in love with these ridiculous boys >>here<<

Spanking: EXO Style

Don't worry, this card is still totally safe for work and school hahahhaha somehow @hyaCinthus managed to keep this card PG.
Basically, the boys of EXO really like to spank each other and she made a record of the best moments >>here<<

First Date Challenge

A lot of people have participated in this challenge and honestly it just makes me want to date all of you cause you come up with some pretty adorable first dates. *blushes*
Anyway, @amobigbang came up with this one and you should TOTALLY participate because I love reading these things and it would make me happy hahahaha
Check it out >>here<<

Hyuna: Is She TOO Sexy?!

This week for Acceptance August we talked about Hyuna's new video and how maybe she "too sexy" concept is actually brilliant?
Check it out >>here<<
Thanks to all the awesome people who participated in Acceptance August!


1) B. 2NE1
2) A. CN Blue's Jonghyun and Juniel make up Romantic J 3) CORRECTION! THERE WERE 2 GROUPS LISTED WITH 6 MEMBERS...MY BAD!! 4) A. SHINee's Replay was their debut song 5) D. Sunggyu, not Hoya, is the leader of Infinite


So close! Good luck next time!

Thank you to @tayunnie @baileykayleen @StephanieDuong and @VixenVivi for catching my mistake!

If you want to submit questions for THURSDAY TRIVIA you can send them to me >>here<< and I'll be sure to use them next week!

Have a great weekend!

Be sure to say hi in the comments if you're new~~

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@tayunnie @baileykayleen @VixenViVi holy crap I am SO dumb hahahahahhaha wait let me redo the scores bahaha
2 years ago·Reply
@kpopandkimchi are you kidding me?!! no problem!!! ahahah with all of these kpop groups like Damn and you make so many interesting cards every day YOURE AMAZNGG
2 years ago·Reply
this post is awesome! great job on it!
2 years ago·Reply
@kpopandkimchi hah oh girl please! It's so easy to get that mixed up. I always forget a member of something lol. And yeah, I would be kinda scared that you are a robot if you did all the cards you did and were flawless. No judgment if you are a robot tho. I'm pro robot.
2 years ago·Reply
@kpopandkimchi No worries XD it could happen to any of us!
2 years ago·Reply