It's national cute puppy day!!! As pointed out by @kpopandkimchi My family has always had a dog as long as I can remember. When I was a very teeny youth, we had an Australian Shepard mix named Rebel and although I barely remember him, apparently my sister and I loved him and he would herd us in the backyard. Sadly, our house at the time was suitable for him so we had to find him a nice couple who lived on a bigger plot of land. They were so happy to get him and I know he was happy. Fast forward a bit to when I was 2, and we got a puppy Yorkshire terrier that we named Wolfgang Bartholomew (that being his middle name obviously). He was a wonderful dog that lived for many years and sadly passed away when I was a senior in high school. But! I now have a 5 year old puppy named Leonidas Scar, called Leo for short (and I can pretend I named him after VIXX's Leo) and he is the love of my life. Seriously. I love him more than anything ever. Everyone in my life knows this, it is kind of sad. :) SO! Here is my puppy boy!
He is a handsome boy who just loves clothes! He gets very possessive when I try and take them off and tries to grab them back.
He is the definition of a lap dog. Laying on mommies legs make him happy and make me melt.
He fell asleep on my face once and it is my favorite photo of all time.
Leo loves to snuggle in blankets. I'm pretty sure all of these pictures were just naturally him burrowed for fun, and not us putting the covers on him.
My family is concerned for me cause I'm legit squealing at my phone while I look at this omggggg My australian shepard would "herd" me too if i ran around the backyard hahaha
@kpopandkimchi hah I definitely think it's the breed, or any kind of herd dog haha. So cute though. I love looking at everyone's cute puppies! Thanks for posting your cute puppy to get the ball rolling :)
@baileykayleen No prob! Also loving the fact that Leo is sort of named for VIXX HAHAHAHa
@kpopandkimchi haha it works out well cause he acts more like Leo than who I named him after, Spartan King Leonidas. Somehow, he doesn't have that warrior Spartan vibe. Nothing to do with him being a yorkie lol.