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I was eating ice cream and i don't even know what was i doing. maybe in class but it didn't look like it. We was in a house. and then we was leaving the house. I think someone was pulling my arm. I didn't want to leave because I was eating ice cream, chocolate ice cream. and then someone made me ice cream and rootbear. it didn't taste like rootbear, i think it taste like ginger ale ice cream. I didn't care i was still drinking it but you barley can't taste the ice cream. I think i been knew bts was with us. I don't know. and then i went out side we were going back to our dorms I think. BTS came out side, Jimin was on the pouch. I just went where jimin was standing. and I just started hugging him. He kinda didn't care but he didn't know me. everybody was leaving. some how i was walking with jimin i think I was holding on to him I don't know. and the dream kinda ended there I started dreaming about something else. besides its jimin jam week. he's not even my bias no where near it.