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Today Is National Dogs Day!

Here is two pictures of all three of my dogs laying down together, and once with my baby sister almost two years ago. While I was little, I had a dog named Lady who was a golden retriever, but she died when I was still young. Then when me and mom moved out, my mom's friend had their dog Clark who was a Pit bull. We later got Midnight the black lab up there.
This is my baby Midnight. She is now 7 years old in human years. She is a black lab and I've had her since I was in third grade back in 2008. Ever since we left and there was no more Clark, our cat Sydney died who was her friend so we had to get Batty to keep her happy.
This is Batty, my second baby. We got him to help keep Midnight happy. He was so small as a puppy, but even as an adult dog, he is still small. He is now 3 years old in human years. Batty is a papillon/pug mix. We then got Rosey for when Midnight passes for Batty.
And this my real baby Rosey. We call her Nosey Rosey Posey. She is a Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix. She is right now 2 years old and she was part of an unplanned unexpected second litter. I got to hold her on my lap on the way home from buying her.
These are my babies, I wouldn't trade them for all the money in the world. I also usually find them watching Kpop videos and KDramas with me sometimes :3
@kpopandkimchi you should see mine in public, especially Midnight and Batty. They see someone new, it's "oh my god, new person! new person! look at me! look at me! play with me, love me, rub my belly peasents!!" well, that's more Batty, but yea xD
I AM SCREAMING, BATTY IS THE CUTEST! OMG AND ROSEY!!! I have always wanted a black lab too! Your dogs are SO cute!!!
@NinjaGirlEmber haha same with mine! If he's sitting next to me and I pick up my phone, he starts hitting me with his paws to remind me to pet him
thanks @kpopandkimchi :) They are always there for me and are such attention whores xD
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