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Sometimes there is nothing I love more than to see people screaming about scary things. If I was in their position I'd be acting the exact same way, and that's what makes me love them even more.
Kpop is pretty awesome at giving fans what they want by forcing idols to record themselves in haunted houses, theme parks, and doing pranks so I pulled a few of my favorites :D

Infinite: Hoya, Sunggyu, and Dongwoo

Manly man Hoya, epic flirt Dongwoo, and Grandpa Gyu lose their shit in a haunted house and I LOVE IT. Hoya's reaction is probably my favorite.
Please note how calm and unimpressed the maknae Sungjong is. I love him so much hahahaha

Big Bang: Daesung

Honestly, none of Big Bang are really all that brave when it comes to pranks. Daesung's reaction is particularly great though because he is so calm and dreamily singing in the car before he 180s and FLIPS out.

2NE1: Bom and CL + Bees

These girls are not exactly the outdoors-y type. Dara and Minzy were totally fine until Bom and CL discovered a bee sitting on their van...then chaos ensues.

SHINee: Key

I can totally sympathize, cause haunted houses are the worst thing ever, but Key is breaking out in sweat and starts crying before they even arrive!
Please pay attention to the epic scream at 1:25, I feel like that would make the perfect wake-up alarm sound.
SHINee has also forced him to bungee jump and go on roller coasters just to make him scream.

VIXX: Hakyeon

He's pretty well known for being a giant scaredy cat, and his members love to take advantage of it.
In the first video, Jaehwan and Hyuk decide to prank him in the elevator while going back the the dorms. Hakyeon nearly has a heart attack.
In the second video, VIXX is taken to a haunted house where Hakyeon is so scared that he basically beats up his other members.

EXO: Baekhyun

Definitely the most epic of the EXO haunted house moments. Baekhyun does everything from scream, cry, run away, and 90 degree bow to ghosts.

All of Bangtan

This is an incredibly short clip (scroll right for the video) but it is the best record of when all of BTS lost their swag at the exact same time.

All of GOT7

Thanks to @SkullBunneh for showing me this clip!! Basically, the boys know they're going to be scared but the original prank is just a distraction for the REAL prank which causes some serious screams (who knew Mark could run that fast!?)
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I love how Hoya starts out acting all tough but ends up calling for his mom! :) Scaring Daesung doesn't take much I love how fast he moves and ends up hurting himself. I would probably do the same thing bom did. Omg key had me laughing the hardest put of all of these! I'm right there with you oppa.
Haha @kpopandkimchi ^^ I thought about doing a card similar to this!!! Great minds think alike👍
@mandapanda723 there is an endless amount of content to make another one hahahah why are kpop idols so scared of everything hahahaha
@kpopandkimchi so true!!!!!:D
Oh my... xDDDDDD