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My Fur Babies!

@kpopandkimchi started posting pictures of her dog for National Dog Day so I thought I'd share mine!
This is Buddy, He is a Miniature Dachshund mix, he is my grandmothers baby, and he thinks he's a 100lb watchdog.
This is Gracie, she is also a mixed breed, from the same litter as Buddy, and she is my moms baby.
These are my dogs over at my dads. they're Spencer (golden), and Diesel (Mini Pin), they are the sweetest dogs ever and they always want to cuddle.
As a bonus, here is my gat, Gerard. He thinks he's a dog.
@poojas he's our little monster and he won't think twice about chasing people and bigger dogs. My neighbor thinks he's possessed.
I like the way Buddy thinks lol
@kpopandkimchi Gracie has a habit of rubbing her ear on on the ground. It's pretty easy to clean. Lol
@Taijiotter I'll let you know if I do it hahaha your fault if Louie rubs the chalk off all over my house hahahaha
@Taijiotter Bahaha I'm sure Louie is going to hate me for this...we tried to dress him up for Halloween once and he sulked all day
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