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Okay so this was done for a friend who is a big Dr.Who fan. I'm just barely in season 1 and love it so..... Anywho let me say it is not very well done but I'm content with it. ^^
Again sorry it's super light. I didn't get a chance to ink it. Anyway please feel free to leave some constructive criticism. I'm always trying to get better. Thanks again!
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Damn!!!!! That's really good!!!!
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@shannonl5 @ButterflyBlu @ninachan @IzzyPanda Thanks everyone! When I finish it completely I will put a revised card up. It might be a while though. 馃槄
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@loftonc16 Yay! I look forward to it! Take your time and do it your way! ^.^
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Me too, @ninachan!
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@loftonc16 like @ButterflyBlu said take your time and I look forward to seeing it!
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