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Do we have a set series title for anime couples that we ship? Whether or not they end up together or already are together, there are certain characters that we LOVE the chemistry between and want them to be together FOREVER and know EVERY SINGLE JUICY detail about it because they're so.... CUUUUTE!!!!! together!
Later that night...
How are little kids (and parents) so good at this? Hahaha I totally agree. They ARE perfect for each other! <3 Their friendship/relationship is like, my dream relationship haha (.-. ) Constantly getting on each other's nerves and pissing each other off, but they obviously care heavily about each other and would do anything for the other, even if they try to avoid their feelings and try to hide it. Characters: Yuu Otosaka, Nao Tomori Anime: Charlotte
@RosePark @poojas I know... I didn't watch the rest of the episode or the following episode until after I posted this pictures.... I'm currently at work and I wanted to shut the store down just so I could deal with the feels.
@RosePark Woah woah no hate in the Vingle Anime community hahaha...but why is Ayumi brining out the feels? I haven't seen this anime yet.... :/
My deepest apologies.... ;-;
@RosePark I sense the deep scars of a fanboy. I'm sure @Arellano1052 will understand haha
Sorry but Imma hate on @Arellano1052 just this one time ㅠ.ㅠ and if you watch it you'll know what I'm feeling :(
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