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So this is my pup (not really a pup. he's 4 years old now) and he's the first dog I had ever since moving to the U.S. His name is Tom. It took a while but the begging worked. We've had him since he was small. He is my best friend and I love him so much. I went through a lot of things and he was always there. He would give me those eyes asking me if I was okay and I was suddenly better. When he was a year old, he ate a poisoned squirrel and got so sick. I remember that as one of the worst times of my life. All I did was cry when I'd get home. We were supposed to put him to sleep, but something amazing happened. The day I went for a marching band competition, I called so I could say goodbye and my sister told me he was fine. he was eating and drinking water again. So here he is now. Enjoying his life and having fun with us. @kpopandkimchi thank you so much for tagging me!
Aw he is so cute!
LOOK AT THAT FACE!!!! He's adoooorable!