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Full Head Sets Vs Individual Wefts

Do you know the differences between full head sets and individual wefts? Here is a guide to help you figure out what type of extension you need and how to use them effectively.

Full Head Set

Full head sets gives you the flexibility to choose how many wefts you want to use according to your hair type and style. You can go all out and use all the wefts or use a few for a more casual look.
When to use it?
If you want volume, length and thickness.

Individual Wefts

Individual wefts normally only have one weft in each package but you can purchase separate wefts to add on. Another thing to note is, individual wefts are ideal for blending shorter layers to make the appear longer.
When to use it?
These are designed to provide extra boost or fill in gaps with thicker hair. One thing to note: they cannot be used alone for extending the length of your hair (unless you want to make it obvious you're using extensions).
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Best Stretch Marks Treatment in Bangalore
Stretch marks are red or gray marks that are mainly formed due to rapid weight gain or loss that result in stretching of the skin. These marks are formed on the dermis layer of the skin. The common causes of stretch marks include pregnancy, trauma caused to the skin due to sudden increase or loss weight, steroid intake, thyroid hormone imbalance also cause stretch marks formation. The stretch marks can appear on the body areas like abdomen, inner and outer arms, buttock area, inner and outer thighs, and knee area. Stretch marks are red (striae rubra) in color, but over a period of time, they fade to silver or gray color (striae alba). Advance laser treatment is very much effective in treating stretch marks, and it also boosts collagen and elastin production and smoothens the skin tone. Dr. Rasya Dixit is a well-known dermatologist who provides effective stretch marks treatment in Bangalore using advanced laser and modern techniques. The effective and advanced treatments include microneedling treatment, tixel treatment, and fractional CO2 laser and fractional micro-needle RF treatments. All these treatments help in diminishing the appearance of stretch marks and provide an improved skin texture. The cost of stretch marks in Bangalore depends on the type of treatment provided to treat the stretch marks, the type of stretch marks, the number of the procedure, and many more. For more information pay a visit at Dr. Dixit Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic. Disclaimer: Images and contents used in this post are only for promotional purposes.