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Do you know the differences between full head sets and individual wefts? Here is a guide to help you figure out what type of extension you need and how to use them effectively.

Full Head Set

Full head sets gives you the flexibility to choose how many wefts you want to use according to your hair type and style. You can go all out and use all the wefts or use a few for a more casual look.
When to use it?
If you want volume, length and thickness.

Individual Wefts

Individual wefts normally only have one weft in each package but you can purchase separate wefts to add on. Another thing to note is, individual wefts are ideal for blending shorter layers to make the appear longer.
When to use it?
These are designed to provide extra boost or fill in gaps with thicker hair. One thing to note: they cannot be used alone for extending the length of your hair (unless you want to make it obvious you're using extensions).