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So everyone knows it will have to be GDRAGON because A) he's close to my age B) I love his music and lyrics and want to write a poem or song with him C) he loves Art and D) Why the fuck's my fantasy
First off on my date I will probably only wear eyeliner, mascara, and chapstick. I would listen to a playlist of all genre songs getting ready, and drop my son off to his father. I will have the awesome girl dilemma of what to wear...
Both our good options for the wonderful date I have planned...i will mostly chose option 1 because I'm a simple girl and I love the colored shorts and necklace.
First stop on our date is an art musuem...We will stroll through the musuem sharing our thoughts and feelings on each piece. And slowly get closer and closer mentally and physically. At one point strolling through the musuem he will grab my hand and we will walk...until I gall flat on my face because walking is not my fortay... I am very clumsy. I will start become goofy and weird and he may freak out....Gosh I have never actually been on a (that's a different story on how I ended up with my fiance).
The second part of our date will be going to the beach to watch the sunset. I have prepared a picnic and brought a telescope to stargaze. We will frolic around in the water until our knees, kicking and splashing water at each other. Then we will sit on the blanket and eat the lovely food I prepared as the sunsets. He'll talk about what really inspires him to write such beautiful lyrics. I'll ask him to look at some of my poetry and blush when he likes some of my more explicit adult content poems. Next he'll suggest we write a poem together and take turns stargazing as we write. WE end up getting closer and he puts his arms around me and a shooting star lights up the sky. I make a wish and the next thing I know I get a kiss on my cheek. I blush scarlet and I am in shock. Then he laughs and tells me it's cute that I blush. I make him blush by giving him a quick peck. Then I take off gigling. As the night draws to a close I take him back to his hotel and tell him I had a wonderful time and wish him a safe trip home to South Korea. His eyes look sad and I give him a quick a hug and turn away before he can see the tears. I drive home heart broken knowing this will be the only date I'll ever have with him.
Thanks @SharayahTodd for tagging me. I now tag @AimeeH @vanemunos @aliciasalinas @karinafarias @shannonl5 have fun
@AimeeH @vanemunos thanks...i pit a lot of thought t g at it literally was a dream I had last night as I was mulling over what I wanted to write about. I literally woke up with tears on my cheeks
@VeronicaArtino haha I think almost everyone has Done that!
It's okay sometimes my dreams affect me for real... like I experience and experience them...i hate the ones I dream about when I go the bathroom because let me tell ya I wake up real quick and run to the potty....bahahaha I know tmi.
@VeronicaArtino awe. I'm sorry you cried.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this! this was a sweet date!
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