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This is my baby girl CeCe (pronounced as cici/sisi) She's a mixture of a Chihuahua and another breed. Doesn't she look like a Beagle?! So adores~ (she hates selfies which is why she didn't face at the camera -_-) She's a very hyperactive dog! Like on my first day of school, I came home exhausted and when I opened the door, she wagged her tail like never before and kept jumping on me haha ^^ also when my dad gets home from work, she starts sprinting all over the house! XD
My dad's boss was the one who gave us 3 puppies. Sadly, we had to give one up since my mom didn't want many pets, so we gave up the one that looked like an Alaskan Husky but was a Chihuahua. The ones on the photo are the ones we kept. On the left is CeCe and on the right is MiMi. Sadly MiMi left us a year ago since she was unable to give birth ㅠㅠ
This lazy girl is our last dog we'll have and we're so happy to have her, but she sure is a handful haha XD
Thanks for the tag @kpopandkimchi :) I've had other dogs that either left us or we gave away. I'll mention them in honor: -2 Rottweiler's: Goofy and Daisy (I was young and was a huge Mickey Mouse fan so I named them) -Weenie dog: Brownie (he was given to us by a random person since he didn't wanna deal with this crazy dog. And crazy he was) -Pitbull: Manny (He had an extra finger and since "mano" is hand in Spanish so then I came up with Manny) -2 other Chihuahuas: Tito (was my cousin's dog but he didn't want him anymore so we took him in with us) and Cookie (she was white with black spots, I was gonna name her Cookie's n Cream but then my mom thought it was ridiculous so it shortened to Cookie)
I love all your dog names! It's really hard to give up dogs or say goodbye to them but its so worth it to have these cuties in our lives!
@kpopandkimchi So true...I've grown up to be a dog lover since my dad is fascinated with dogs! I don't remember a day I've never seen a dog in my house. Every time we lost one, my dad came in the next day with one on his hands. It irritates my mom, but she ends up crazy in love with them :)
@KpopGaby Same! My mom really didn't want another dog after my second one passed away cause its really like losing a member of the family, but when we saw Louie we knew we needed him in our lives :3
@kpopandkinchi That is great though! Creating more memories while cherishing the past. :)