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Have you ever thought about how it would feel to run your very own country? What would you name it? Who would help you run it? Well, now you can share your plans with the rest of the Funny Community with this week's official writing challenge.
Write a card about your brand new country. What is it called? What is the national song, flower, or bird? Are public officers close friends and family or your favorite musicians, actors, and athletes? Do citizens pay in dollars, yen, pesos, or a different currency entirely? If you're feeling fancy, you could even design your own flag!
Make sure to title your card 'My Very Own Country: _______' and be sure to tag me in it, so that I can add your card to the Writing Challenge collection!
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@MattK95 Haha I have a feeling it's going to take people a while to brainstorm BUT the results will be hilarious <3
@danidee one thing I'm certain of, NO SPIDERS XD
@MattK95 Hahahaha now I want to make my country's government have a 'department of spiders' instead of a department of defense.
@danidee no one is attacking your country, except with crop dusters filled with bug spray
@MattK95 Omg, saddest attack ever. :'(