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I am super duper late to the party...but a few tags by my lovely Vingle K-pop Family, I finally decided to do this challenge.
The reason I took so long is because I had to think of the perfect response card. Thank you @amobigbang for creating this challenge and to @B1A4BTS5ever, @StephanieDuong, and @kpopandkimchi for tagging me.
Without any further delay...here is my fabulous date...

Dance King of BTS...the one and only J-Hope.

Hobie's reaction when I tell him where we are going...the zoo.

Hobie putting up a brave front by intensifying his hope-ing.

Hobie's face when we finally get to the zoo entrance.

Hobie losing all his hope and almost giving up on the date.

Hobie when he sees the pet-the-snake station. HAHAHAHA

Hobie losing his mind as I ask him to participate at the station.

Hobie cries after the incident. Oh no...this is not how the date was supposed to go!

Disappointed Hobie is disappointed. I'll have to buy him ALL the things.

Still acts all mad after the rest of the date goes well because he is Mr. SassyPants.

All good because he is a forgiving dork at the end of the day.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my ideal first date with the wonderful Hobie.
Lol I think I laughed 😂, it's so cute and realistic like it would be something that Jhope would actually do lol Your so cool XD
@amobigbang Thank YOU for coming up with such a fun challenge! @StephanieDuong I was so glad to find these gifs lol. I was laughing hard as I made this card. XD
SO CUTE!!!!! I could TOTALLY see J-Hope acting EXACTLY like that.(‐^▽^‐)
nice card @poojas I'm super glad u had fun with it 😄✌
@poojas OMFG YES HAHA!!
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