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Does a song define an artist? or does the artist define the song? this question randomly popped into my head. I know my answer but I'm curious what you guys think?
it seems like a silly question at first, but if you actually think about it, it can become kind of complicated in a way.
My opinion is that it's both. In the long run I think they both blend into one if both the artist and song are actually good, but I also think it can go either way. There are some artists that are just sooo good and popular that when they come out with a new song or get featured in a song, a looot of people will like the song right away. ESPECIALLY when fans are bias lol. This makes me think of GD honestly. He has commented on this actually because BigBang is sooo popular, people forget to REALLY listen to the song and just automatically like it cuz its BigBang. So in cases like this the artist basically defines the music. Then there are artist that I think their music defines them. This can be taken in different ways I think. Like the song is really good even though I don't like the artist nessessarily. Or you can go deeper and think of people who are solely and artist for music. This one is kind of hard for me to put into words honestly...but anyways
Overall true music artists are both. There are many less artists that both defined by their music and they also define their music. If that makes sense. Idk maybe I'm just thinking too much and need to go to bed lol. But what do you guys think?
I think that when the song is written by the artist it says a lot about them - or at least about their persona as an artist. Take Ke$ha for example: her party girl character was a total act, but she wrote songs to compliment that character. So the music defined her as an artist but not as who she really is as a person. Then again, there are plenty of cases where if a song was performed by a different artist it would have a completely different meaning. Like how any song that SNSD sings will do well - they define that song! It's a really interesting question...I'll probably come back to this soon with more thoughts haha
@kpopandkimchi yes! all good points and I agree! You explain better than I do haha. but that's why I posted this cuz it actually gets you thinking about it a lot!