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**DISCLAIMER** THIS ENTIRE POST IS PURELY FOR FUN AND A FEW LAUGHS.....DON'T GET SALTY ON ME. So we're all guilty of chugging....drinking....sipping....or tasting hater-ade.... The amount varies person to person of course but we've all done it. If you've got a bias, you're guilty of it. Don't try to deny it.
In the worldwide Kpop community, we're used to being the ones catching shade from everyone including the family dog, so on occasion even the nicest, most mature and level headed of us sip our haterade, throw class aside, and get our cray on for one common reason.....TO DEFEND THE BIAS.
We're known to be a "passionate" and "dedicated" group of fans..... and passionate is the term I use but there are several other choice words such as immature, delusional, lustful....(•ؔʶ̷ ˡ̲̮ ؔʶ̷)....batsh*t crazy.....frightening. But it's pretty apparent we do, as a whole, tend to swoop in, cape flying or weapons drawn (whatever matches your season)....to defend our biases, our music genre, and each other.
So I am owning up to this because I'm well aware of how sensitive I can be and how quickly I can go from Erica to The Hulk. In my defense.... I love hard (´ヮ`)(´ヮ`)(´ヮ`) I don't fall quickly but when I do, I fall hard and Lawwwwdd, help you if you cross my bias. Now I'm open to sharing because it's a side of our community I hardly ever see discussed. We rally here at Vingle.....We support. We don't hate.....out loud (´ヮ`)(´ヮ`) but was there ever a moment when you felt like THROWING DOWN for your bias? You know you're being irrational.... you know you should rise above and ignore the ignorance streaming from their mouths...but instead you swallow their salty words and chase em with a shot of haterade and a slice of lemon. Then....you get your cray on.
So I'm gonna list a few of my biases that I would throw down for and I've developed a nifty security advisory system borrowed from Homeland Security (´ヮ`) The level goes up according to the threat of attack. BIGBANG Security level: GUARDED General Risk of Attack They're definitely a group I would throw down for in extreme cases but I'd be more passive aggressive about it. Because let's face it.....V.I.P's are a massive fandom. BIGBANG is known throughout the world as the biggest name in kpop. Of course they're like a hater magnet....so I'll take most of it in stride but watch out for my tail. It'll slap you across the face if you're not careful what you say and expect shade.
AOMG Security Level: ELEVATED Significant Risk of Attack Now I LOVE the boys of AOMG....Jay, Daddy SSAM D, Swag Hamster Loco, Gray the Bae, Elo, Ugly Duck, DJ Pumpkin....I just adore them and not only that...I respect them. Jay has his fair share of haters but he's worked thru all of the adversity to get where he is. I respect the hell out of him for building this label. They have yet to come out with something that has not rubbed my eardrums to the point of eargasm. So say a word against my boys and depending on my mood... I may flatten your face.
PARK BOM of 2NE1 Level of Security: ELEVATED Significant Risk of Attack I mean....come onnnn....who doesn't love Bom?? She's hilarious.... she's flawless....and she's sensitive. I adore her. I still boycott A.Kor.....never got over that diss track. So yeah....warm wishes to her haters....
EXO-M Security Level: HIGH High Risk of Attack EXO-M had to be main reason for getting into EXO at all.....I was late lol hopping on the bandwagon for the Overdose comeback. Id always stayed away from the group because some immature EXOtics were throwing shade at Taeyang when he released Ringa Linga... and that didn't sit well with me so I wrote EXO off entirely because of those fans. I'm salty yes....but I'm honest. Anyway long story short I actually preferred the personalities of the M members over K. No shade just my preference. So when Kris left I felt bad....then all the drama that ensued....then Luhan left.....and by then my claws were out. Now Tao.....just too many feels to handle with that situation. So if anyone says anything negative about EXO-M specifically or former members....
GTFO before I cut you.....and
Ooooo we're to number 1.......ʘ‿ʘ MY NUMBER 1 BIAS THAT I WOULD THROW DOWN FOR IS.....*drum roll* LAY of EXO Security Level: SEVERE Severe Risk of Attack This boy is precious.... he's sweeter than anything you could find anywhere on earth. He is an absolute angel. Now I should be mature and sweet and forgiving like him....but I'm not. All this booshit going around about how he'll quit the group too.....not gonna go into details because I WILL get pissed off and I WILL say things that a lot of people won't like. So I try to rise above....but be forewarned.... if anyone were to say anything.....A N Y T H I N G the least bit negative about Lay and.....
This is not playtime......I will cut a britch if I have to.....
So.....my question to y'all is.... who have/will/might you toss rationality out the window, guzzle some haterade and throw down for? Share in the comments....we ain't gonna judge....this is purely for fun.
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Lol don't know...never been put there...
If I think about it, I don't see myself throwing all of my rationality (and the occasional logic) out the window if someone insults my bias or group because one of my fears is being seen as an immature fan or an illogical person. I think this is because I had a crush in 6th grade and I really liked him but whenever I was around him, I would act stupid and stuff and then one day he got really annoyed and called me a dumb blonde so from then on I was the most serious child on earth. That and I don't want to be on the same level as anti-fans and narrow minded people :/
@aliciasalinas I feel you. lol this was just for fun tho (´ヮ`)
@PassTheSuga ppl be sippin hater-ade n don't even know they is (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).....or they're "closeted drinkers" (。♥‿♥。)
Yes! VIXX (mainly Leo) BAP omg BAP if someone says anything until about them (mainly YongGuk) blood will be shed But some EXO Ls talk shit about the former members (mainly Tao) and I'm like bitch no