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So during my 28 years of life I have had some pretty awesome, weird and embarrassing crushes on celebrities. Because of a comment I made on fellow vingle @buddyesd card about his crush on Lynda Carter aka Wonder woman. I was asked to make a card about these crushes. I have no shame in my game so Here's my awesome card @danidee and @buddyesd. I hope you all get a great laugh, smile, and a wtf moment out of this.
Is Sean Connery. This crush developed at the good old age of 5. I fell in love with his voice. His voice still until this day gives me goosebumps... I fell in love with him in the movie Highlander. He has had some amazing roles and I loved him as James Bond.
Next up again I was 5 when this crush developed and I will admit he still holds a tiny sliver of my heart is the original badass Bruce Willis. This crush developed because of the Die hard movies, and grew with the fifth element, sixth sense, unbreakabke, and Not to mention Armageddon. <<<<That movie still makes me cry.
Keanu I really need to explain this one....Bill and Ted ' Excellent Adventure, The Devil's Advocate, the replacements, November Rain (I think), THE (mothafrickin) MATRIX...I CRUSHED ON Him so hard from 7-15...When I discovered...
Adam levine....i can't get started on this crush because I won't stop explaining all the reasons...Just know its been a one sided love on my part for the past 13 years and still going strong. He is also a member of my fav band of all time and I know there are better groups up there but one song of his from his first CD I literally believe he wrote about me even though he has no clue of my existence....that lyric is in a gif here...hehe
Usher and Jamie foxx where crushes for about four years...One for his dance moves and music, the other because I found him hilarious and still do but I also like his music...
I have a girl crush on Mila kunis...
and of course some of my korean idols and only name a few GDragon, Lee Jung Suk, Kim Joong Hyung, and Lee Minho...i have other cards dedicated to my korean obsessions...i mean Korean obsessions because my son the other day asked me if he was part korean since I like so many...i told him no he is definitely his father's child and that I loved him more than anyone...
My number one crush and the love of my life my fiance of ten years Nathaniel... He is a nerd, anime lover, gamer, and father of our amazing son. He makes me laugh and takes great care of our child. He's not afraid to be goofy and make silly pictures with me he knows I'll post. We met by me tripping him when I was filling out a job application. He had such sad eyes. My first day on the job I made it my mission to make him smile. He did and from there it was history....Our first date was hanging out at his home where I crushed him in Soul Caliber...I asked him out bit told him I drew the line at asking him to marry me...He's shy...He asked me to marry him...i knew I would marry him when he made me laugh so hard milk came out of my sister was cleaning her oven and there was a black french fry in there and he clutched his heart and went MY BROTHA....No I will avenge your death... OK well hope this was entertaining for everyone. I had fun making it.
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Cool! I remember doing ones of like.. Gwen Stefani and Winona Ryder.. (this was the late 90s.. hahaha)
My first where Blink 182, and Orgy...Don't judge lo L and then whoever I fancied like Josh harnett. again late 90s and early 2000s
Sean Connery and Bruce Willis. Yes! *High Five* Omg, @VeronicaArtino! Orgy. Someone else remembers Orgy. Awesome. Lol.@VeronicaArtino
@ButterflyBlu @VeronicaArtino YESSS ORGY. Hahaha I remember my sister saw them back when I was in middle school, and I was so jealous. That was back when they had the Family Values Tour, remember that? lol
@ButterflyBlu @danidee yes I remember that.